We reamed the all you can eat pizza place

A pizza place in town now offers AYCE dinner and lunch buffets and in order to promote business they gave out tons of coupons for buy one buffet get one free. My brother and I got ended up with several coupons so we go about 2x a week. It is $4.99 per person, since its BOGO it only comes to $5.23 for the both of us.

You sould’ve seen me in action, I even suprised myself. Covered in sweat and gasping for breath as I pushed slice after slice into my mouth. I only stopped to hit on the waitress who pointed out to me that I had cheese on my forehead from when I passed out. I managed to eat about 20 slices, my brother ate about the same and some breadsticks. Normally I only get about 13 slices before i’m full. So I calculated how much it would cost if we had bought all that pizza conventionally at this place and my calculations came to $52.37 worth of pizza, breadsticks and pepsi. I don’t know why i’m proud of this but I am. Thank god nobody knows my real name.

The covered in sweat and gasping for breath part isn’t true btw. So is the part about passing out and hitting on the waitress

13 - 20 slices of pizza in one sitting?!?! You must have the metabolism of a hummingbird!

What’s ‘BOGO’?

Bring Own Grog OrElse?

Buy One Get One

ohhhhh… ‘buy one get one’ :slight_smile:

Okay, move along. No clueless individuals to see here.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was an AYCE seafood restaurant in Glen Burnie, MD. The deal was, whatever you ordered AYCE, you could also have anything that cost less. So if you ordered the crab legs (as we often did) you could enjoy all the shrimp, clams, oysters, fish, and scallops along with your crap legs. We went as a family. Dad, my brother, and I did our best to bust the bank.

I expect we weren’t the only ones. They weren’t in business much longer after that. I suppose they expected us to fill up on fries. Right…

Once upon a time (I was 16) I worked at a pizza restaurant. They delivered, but just as often people came right in and sat down and ordered their food and ate it there.

I worked in the ‘cold’ kitchen, preparing drinks and salads. If anyone sent their pizza back for any reason, the kitchen staff was allowed to eat it. One night I ate 11 slices of pizza (deep dish, loaded with toppings, thick crust, etc.).

For 2 years, just the smell of pizza made me nauseous.

<homer simpson>Mmmm… crap legs.</homer simpson>

I love when I can “cheat” restaurants out of stuff like that.

You guys should visit St. Louis and check out Talayna’s Restaurant. They have a 20-pound pizza and if you can eat it in an hour, it’s free.

Go ahead. Point out to everyone that I have a defective keyboard… :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, there are few things crappier than bad crab legs.

Beefsteak Charlies?

I went to an all you can eat seafood buffet a few weeks ago and ate my weight in crab legs. :: drool:: I impressed myself and horrified my friends.

You’re not really that Wesley Clark!


20 pounds?!?! How many people are you allowed to bring along to help you? I mean, I’ve seen people attempt the 44-oz Porterhouse challenge by themselves. But twenty freakin’ pounds? You’d either explode, vomit, or vomit explosively. Coincidentally, I hear that that third option is the mental image they recommend you hold onto as you eat.

Is it the Pizza Queen on South Walnut? I used to like going to their lunch buffet.

Bust the staple on your pants?

I don’t know if there’s a limit but I’ve seen it on the Food Network where a pair of guys managed about half of it. There’s a catch, of course - if anyone leaves the table while this monster is on it the free offer is void.

Nah the pizza queen isn’t too good. That is where I went with the woman in this thread. My brother and I go to Magic Planet on west third street.

I’ll have to try that. I guess they serve a decent slice, right? I think I haven’t gone there yet because I just thought it was like a pizza place for kids — but not as bad as Chuck-E-Cheese. You ought to check out Pizza Di Roma in the mall just before closing. You can get a box full of slices (and sometimes calzones) for $5. Pretty good eats in my book.

Their pizza is not amazing, but it is good. I thought it was better than Pizza Queen, and the variety is better. They have about 8 different types of pizzas as well as a salad bar and breadsticks.

It is not really that chuck-e-cheese esqe, they do have a playroom but that is more or less cut off from the dining portion. There usually aren’t any kids in the playroom anyway there is usually just a small amounts of families or adults in the dining section.

I have to try that Pizza Di Roma thing. Is this standard or do you have to be on good terms with the server in order to get the $5 deal? When do they close exactly? I have only been there once 2 years ago and their pizza was great, i’d spend $5 for a box of it.

The buffet at magic planet is from 11-2 m-f and 4-6 m-th