We should have a permanent FOX pit thread.

For moments like this one:’


I don’t, for a second, believe it was accidental, nor that the apology was sincere. They play to an audience of (Individual) 1 and we’re giving him some wish fulfillment fantasy.

I worked in the news industry for many years. True, it was in the Third World, outside the US. But it was English language, which is vibrant the world over, and many native speakers from all the English-speaking countries find work. And I’ll say what I said before, which is that even among the American Republicans I sometimes had to work with, they thought Fox News stank. The only ones in the industry who have any regard for Fox News are Fox News employees, and not even all of them.

Also to remind any mindless MAGA viewers who may be wavering due to a smidge of reality seeping in to stick with the criminal cabal in the White House and the Senate, because this is what it’s really all about.

The end always justifies the means.

The conspiracy troops have it that she is dead and this is all a coverup to prevent Trump from naming another SCJ.

I rarely ever see actual live TV (shows and movies are viewed in a more targeted manner). But today I was exposed to the mandatory television we have somehow decided is necessary in public spaces like airports, and Fox was on. It was several smarmy blowhards not reporting any news, but rather reporting on what each other had said about the news.

What really struck me was how they’re still doing that moronic “Democrat Party” thing. I heard it twice in the one minute I could stand to be in earshot. We’ve had threads about that before and how it’s a childish and decidedly deliberate insult that, one supposes, they find amusing because they think it’s clever and secretive. But that was years ago. They seriously still do that and think it’s… what? Witty and cutting?

I accidentally stumbled across FOX the other day.

You know how sometimes a banner scrolling will abbreviate Democratic as Dem? The abbreviated it the Dim Party.

If Mitch McConnell was watching, he’d have gotten the biggest boner he’s had in years. Or ever.

Fox is a joke. I have it blocked from my program guide and the only time I ever have watched it was when they had a debate exclusively, and then I have to look up what the channel number was.

They’re Repubicans what do you expect from such dicks.

Please note what category Yahoo put that story under. “Entertainment.”

Of course, Fox News is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group (it’s true!), so take that as you will.

I remember back when Yahoo! leaned conservative because onlybooder people still read it. I’ve now noticed a lot more balance since the Trump era.

Onlybooder? Urban dictionary has nothing for that.

I seem to be in the minority, but I blame Fox news for much of what has happened in America. It united the “merely stupid” segment of people with the “simply bigoted”. When Fox became the official voice of the republican party, this group suddenly had a focused agenda.
As I’ve said before, “Do you watch Fox news?” tells me more about someone than almost any other single question.

I think he means “only older”, if I’m not being whooshed.

I don’t think you are in the minority.

Agreed, steatopygia, you’re not in the minority.

BTW, why is there still a thread in GD questioning whether FOX News is really that bad? For that matter, why has anyone EVER considered it a debatable topic?

I thought this was the permanent FOX News Pit thread…

Yeah, sorry. I was using my tablet at that point, and I have a habit of pressing b instead of space for some reason on it. Usually I notice the red underline and fix it, but I must’ve missed it.

And O and L are next to each other, but would normally autocorrect “ooder” to “older.” But autocorrect never seems to work on missing spaces. Sometimes what I meant isn’t even in the list of possible replacement words.

Isn’t Fox aleady there (Foxtel)? Oh, and Australia can take Murdoch back. The sooner, the better.