We want out MTV!!!

We want our MTVX back. Here’s the petition:

Body of Petition:
To: Rock music fans
MTVX was the one and only cable channel devoted entirely to rock music. 24 hours a day with no commercials, just rock. Now it&#-110;s been replaced with MTVJams. People can see rap and R&B videos on MTV and MTV2. Give the rock fans their station back!

Here’s where to sign and help us get our MTVX back.

http://www.petitionpetition.com/cgi/petition.cgi?id=3812 to sign and

While I was rather disappointed with the switch from MTVX to MTVJ, isn’t this a decision made by local cable companies as to which channel to carry? I know for the longest time I didn’t even get MTV2 through our local AT&T provider.