We won the hockey tournament! Yeah for us!!!

From another thread I was posting in:

[SNEAK BRAG] And just for the record we won the tournament. ( It was an a tournament based on the original six NHL teams and had some of the best players around here . heres a pic from after the final game… ) [SNEAK BRAG] http://s920.photobucket.com/albums/ad42/JFLuvly/?action=view&current=2011.jpg

It occurred to me that I could post it here and no longer have to sneak brag, I could just real brag. lol. :cool:

It was a two day, six team tournament and we had a great time and four games of great hockey. I don’t get to brag much anymore because at my age playing hockey against the youngans is becoming a losing battle and these victories are getting to be few and far between. This was my ninth year in this tournament and our fourth trip to the finals for the Stanley Cup replica trophy. Next year will probably be my last one for this tournament because I am getting too old to compete with these guys as they get younger and I get older so it felt good to get my name on it this year.

So in my best Family Guy Stewie voice… “Victory is mine!” :smiley:

The Wings? Baaah!

At least you weren’t playing as the Laffs or the Ruins. I’d have to refuse to post in that case! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, congratulations! That’s a fine replica and I’m sure it’s pretty cool to get your name on it!

LOL. Thanks, yeah it was nice to win. All proceeds from the tournament go to the St. Vincent de Paul Society which helps the poor locally o that is a good thing also.

I see PK is flying with the big hat trick the other night, but I am still rooting for my leafs!!!

Love PK. It’s going to be so much fun watching him develop over the next few years. A rookie defenceman, playing top-pairing minutes, against other team’s top lines, in a depleted lineup, and with 35 points (11G, 24A) in the regular season. He’s a beast. If he’s not in the conversation for the Calder, he should be!

There really are better teams to cheer for than the Leafs. Try Edmonton, for example…! :smiley:

Hey, this is about rec hockey. Go make another thread about the NHL . . . oh, there it is. :wink:

Congrats JF. My team, the Cowboys (Rick Jodzio does not actually play for us, but our jerseys are similar to the old WHA ones. Don “Smokey” McLeod does not play for us, either) finished first overall in league play this season. The top spots were hotly contested. A win or tie in our last game guaranteed first spot. We were tied on points with the team we played that night and by losing the game, they ended up in third. Four points separated the top four team. Looks like the organizer set up a pretty competitive division.

Playoffs look to be a challenge. We’re missing up to six skaters (out of fifteen) due to injury, family vacations or work. I’ll be trying out my knee (MCL) in the warmup of the first game with a chance of playing in the second depending on how it feels. Wish us luck.

I’d like to play rec hockey…but I don’t know how to play hockey! I do have a stick though; my husband bought me a Paul Coffey one (because it was cheap at Canadian Tire!) but I have yet to use it, since life hasn’t given us opportunities to go skating this winter!

I’d love to find a beginner’s rec league around here, especially a women’s one, but that probably would require having more equipment than a pair of figure skates and a stick, and I can’t afford that right now. Maybe eventually. Is it too late to start playing in your 30s? :slight_smile:

My husband played when he was young, and last winter for his company’s league, but this year the league didn’t play because they didn’t have a single goalie. I offered, provided someone else got me equipment and with no guarantees I could stop anything, but it seems they need at least two…!

As for talking about PK… JFLuvly started it!!! You gotta admit he’s awesome, though (PK…though Luvly might be pretty awesome too, if he’d drop the Leaf fandom! :wink: