I tend to do these things called ‘webbs’. They can be two different things. The first is when I stare off blankly into the distance not aware of my surroundings. I do this constantly and sometimes my friends play tricks on me like shave my legs or plat my pubic hairs. A good example of this is the guy on the britney spears/pepsi add. He is just in a trance looking at her…THis is a main cause for my “Webbs” when hot chicks walk by. After a “webb” it is usually followed by me making a remark that is exactly phrased as someone else has just commented. PLeaze explain to me why this happens…Is it my subconcious or am i extremely demented in the head.
Mitch Webb


If your “webb” lasts long enough for someone to shave your legs, you could actually have a mild form of epilepsy. See your health care professional as soon as possible. I had an employee whose wife underwent “auras” that usually denoted an oncoming epileptic seizure.

It may not be epilepsy but it could be neurologic in origin.

You affliction is called “trollitis” and the only effective medical solution discovered to date is a “trollonectomy” which involves shaving your plaited genital hair and applying a mixture composed of equal parts pure grain alcohol and Tobasco brand hot sauce (you will need to use the entire bottle) to the shaved area. In addition to focusing your immediate attention to matters at hand any remaining portions of this medicine can also be used as a Bloody Mary starter mix if you are so inclined.

No go get well.

Excellent diagnosis, astro. Although for trollitis, I’d recommend inserting a heated wire up the patient’s urethra. That’ll clear the infection up in a flash.

In this thread, TubaDiva points out that:

Users should be particularly wary of medical, legal or other professional advice posted on the message boards and recognise that it is no substitute for in-person consultation with a competent professional.

This timely reminder of our responsibilities in medical matters extends to giving advice, a rule which should be followed faithfully lest unknowing readers are motivated to adopt unwise treatment in the hope of rectifying a problem.

The insertion of a heated wire up a person’s urethra does nothing to solve the problem stated in the OP. Such treatment should only be used if the urethra is blocked with Urea or Spermy Things, and even then it should be noted that Penis Functionality may be impaired by this procedure.

Medical advice which is not accompanied by a Guarantee Of Competence in the fields of either Health or Wire Insertion should, in future, be ignored as possibly unsafe.
Dr. Schadenfreude (Struck Off)


Are you getting whooshed, Nostradamus, or am I?

Kamandi, Dr. of Wire Insertion, Walks-Like-a-Duck University

I am pleased that you have supplied your Wire Insertion credentials Kamandi, and in future I will not hesitate to endorse your suggested treatments in this highly controversial and Painful field of medicine.

Forgive me if I am not first in the queue to try them out. :slight_smile: