website for purebreed cross dogs

Has anyone come across a website that shows photos of purebreed dogs crossed with other breeds. We have a rescue puppy who is obviously border collie, but I can’t work out what she has been crossed with.

You may want to check out They have a message board, if you could post a picture in the community section, you could probably get some help with the id.

You’ll likely never know. My wife and I went through this when we adopted our dog. We’re sure he’s got some Border Collie in him, but anything else is anyone’s guess.

Dogs can take on odd characteristics when cross-bred, and there is no real way of knowing that I have found.

You can get the same appearance many ways. Why assume the dog is “obviously border collie”? The first dogs selected by man to begin a pure bred line as “border collies” were derived from non-border collies.

Often mixed breed dogs are the offspring of the mating of a mixed breed sire and mixed breed dam.

Let’s say you bear a strong resemblance to Courtney Love. I would not assume that you are the daughter of Ms Love and some unknown male. The same is true in canine husbandry.

Good point Vetbridge - Everyone who sees her says ‘border collie’ and her behaviour also points to border collie. She looks just like a border collie puppy except for longer legs and bigger ears - identical markings, body shape. In my experience, she doesn’t look so far removed from pedigree - we have another dog who is very ‘mixed’.