Website Publicity Methods

What is the best way to publicise a virtual companies website for free? There’s obviously search engines, but do any of you have any other thoughts?

Sincerely, SDStaff hopeful

Check out ‘The Incident’ topic thread, there’s definitely a lesson there.


Well, try doing something weird for the news and have the web site address on a t-shirt you are wearing.

Bumper stickers. Refrigerator magnets. Balloons. Pens/pencils. Keychains. Stress balls. Golf balls. (Golf balls?? Yes, gold balls.) Coffee mugs. Baseball caps. T-shirts. Mouse pads. Those plastic clips people put on open bags of chips.

Company I work for does custom printing and promotional printing and all of the above (and more) are stuff people have ordered to advertise their websites, etc. Don’t know how well any of 'em work though. I know I never look at what’s printed on any pens people give me and I just give the balloons away to kids I know. If you can find a place that would give you a good deal on something people would keep at their computers (like the mouse pads mentioned above) you might try something like that.