Wedding Toasts

Well this is the deal, my best friend is getting married in august, I am the best man, and I need toasts. Nothing to do with her faimily because they are racist bastards and disowned her when they found out she was dating a white guy.(she is vietnamese)
so its just a bunch or white people, 3 of her cousins and thats about it.

Other than that, anything goes,

forgive my pointlessness, I have had 3 very very stiff mint julips, and a corona, soon to be a second corona. wheeeeeeee!

There is a great quote by Robert Heinlen from Stranger in a Strange Land to use for a toast : “:Love is that condition in which happiness of another is essential to your own.” I am not sure why it is not used more. I used it in my toast for my best friend from college and everyone loved it. Unfortuneately, his marriage lasted less than a year, but hey, at least his wedding was fun.