Wedge Antilles is in the MotherF**kin house!!


God I love the Internet. I was never a fan boy, and no less then 20 minutes ago I had no idea that this character existed let alone was so quietly frigging awesome in all three movies.

Trivia known by many - Wedge’s nephew was in the remakes.

He played Obi Wan Kenobie.

The Cult of Wedge was one of the earlier examples of the Internet’s ability to obsess on minor things. I remember contributing to the FAQ long before every two-second character in any of the films had their own Wiki page.

OP: Did you know the mouse-over preview reveals your spoiler box?

He’s not really spoiling anything though.

No, but he went through the trouble of putting in spoiler tags, so the natural and hopefully reasonable assumption is that he didn’t want people to read it. For whatever reason.

He’s actually a decent character actor, or at least was pretty good in Local Hero, a favorite of mine.

Second that.

Even back in the day of the original movies, I was a Wedge fan. I loved that he was the only guy to survive attacking both Death Stars.

Denis Lawson also appears in the “Horatio Hornblower” TV adaptations, as an admiral (IIRC).

Luke doesn’t count? I’m a pretty big Wedge fan since the original and very good rogue squadron game. I didn’t realize he was the one who did the first, failed, trench run and also the one who figured out how to take down the AT-ATs, that is pretty freaking badass.

Luke didn’t attack the Death Star II. He was busy with the Emperor and such. But it was Wedge, Lando and company in the frontal assault.

Nope…as Jonathan Chance notes, during the Battle of Endor, Luke was busy dealing with daddy issues. :smiley:

In '83 or so, there were two Star Wars-based arcade video games (Star Wars and Return of the Jedi), which I spent way too much time playing. When I’d get a high score on one of those games, I’d leave my initials as WEJ.

Well yes i know what Luke was doing at the time of the battle, dealing with Vader and the Emperor inside the death star, which is why i wonder why he doesn’t get credit for being part of the battle.

The only problem with that clip is it doesn’t include his two best lines: “Good shot, Janson!” and “Woohaa! That got him!”

Probably for the same reason Han doesn’t, either. He wasn’t involved in the space combat. Luke was originally part of Han’s strike team, sent to destroy the shield generator…but, by the time the team reached the generator, Luke had left, turning himself in rather than attract Vader’s attention to the team.

As they pointed out in the Rogue Squadron novels (set in the years after RotJ), Wedge is the only Rebel pilot with two Death Stars painted on the side of his X-wing.

Wedge occasionally gets a shoutout in the Final Fantasy games. So does Biggs, albeit once as “Vicks”.

Wedge wasn’t on the first trench run, if I remember right; there were three, one by part of Gold Squadron (in Y-Wings), a first by Red Squadron (in X-Wings) led by Red Leader, and finally the successful second Red Squadron run by Luke, Wedge, and Biggs.

Wedge is pretty damn badass, though. He gets a lot of love in the EU.

Holy @$#%!
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I did no know that!
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I love Local Hero, and did not know he was Gordon. I really need to watch that again soon. Local Hero, I mean.

“I’ll make a good Gordon, Gordon.”

I think Wedge and Boba Fett are the two most popular characters who were bit players in the movies, although Boba got a lot more screen time.

and Wedge is no relation to the Captain Antilles that gets choked to death by Vader on the Tantive IV.

If you really want to nerd it up, go read a trio of Star Wars: X-Wing books that center around Wedge starting up a new starfighter squad: Wraith Squadron, Iron Fist, and Solo Command. I read a bunch of crappy genre fiction as a teenager, but these books stand up pretty well. Aaron Allston is actually a halfway decent writer–good characters, good dialogue, and quite a bit that made me laugh out loud.

FWIW, my favorite authors include Haruki Murakmi, Milan Kundera, Hunter S. Thompson, Salman Rushdie…