Wee sleekit beastie

Following a dogless spell (after losing our Labrador to lymphoma) we have taken the plunge and adopted a puppy.

His name is Pluto.

He’s a field spaniel.

So cute!

Congratulations. Cute dog. No matter how much you grieve over the loss of a previous pet, it’s always worth it to adopt a new friend. It’ll bring sunshine into both of your lives.

Love him. Pluto is a cute name, too. Will you work him in the field? I have a Beagle who I let loose in the field everyday. Although she’s a pampered pet her instinct takes over outdoors. Nose to the ground and the Beagle bell rings. It’s so fun to watch her get a whiff of a rabbit or other varmint. Then the games afoot. She was bred by my husband’s beagle pack and was rejected. I bottle fed her. But she still retained her natural hunting ability.

“Oh come on. That’s ridiculous” - my exact words when I saw him. Way, way too cute!

Spaniels have the puppiest eyes of any dog, eh. Most puppy? Most puppiest ? Y’all know what I mean, right? Just look at those pictures!

That’s a powerful set of “Plz to give treats and skritches” eyes on that teensy iddoe puppers! Congrats on your new owner!

He’s already very enthusiastic about the field - namely, picking up everything he can find in it - leaves, branches, bark, tufts of sod…he’s quite a nature boy.

This is a photo from when we went to visit the breeder. Pluto* and his littermates clambered into my lap and onto my legs en masse for cuddling, and before too long it was naptime. Either they figured I was a) fascinating, b) safe and pleasantly warm or 3) very boring. :slight_smile:

*Pluto is what we call him, but at times he may think his name is Down, Off or No. :smiley:

Ah, very similar to the names of two of my favorite internet dogs.

Too cute, indeed. A dog that could steal one’s soul, and chew it to tatters.

Beautiful puppy. He’ll have you wrapped around his paw in no time.

Ok, I am gonna ask it, Jackmannii.
What does sleekit mean?

What a cutie! How old is he?

Comes from a Robert Burns poem, though originally referring to a mouse. Has some very negative modern definitions but originally just meant sleek or smooth or glossy.

What a beautiful puppy. I love spaniels.

aww even my rotten felines would cuddle with him…of course the other 8 hrs they’d show him who was boss……

Thank you.

Oh man, way too cute! Always had cats myself, but that little guy would be hard to pass up. Have fun!

Pluto and I appreciate the kind comments.

He’s 13 1/2 weeks old (came home at 9 weeks) and starts puppy kindergarten in a few days.

Until then, he’s receiving online instruction.

They seem to be of the opinion that you’ve got very nice legs.