Weekly Comic Book Discussion 7/23/2009


Green Lantern #44, Tales of the Corps : Blackest Night #2, and most importantly, Legion of Three Worlds #5!

New Atomic Robo!

L3W was so full of continuity porn, my pants are sticky. >_>

Prime’s ultimate fate is pretty damn funny (that’s a real thread at the end…and ‘Prime’ is really posting to it), and the two page spread with all the Legionnaires coming to attack the Trapper was squee-bait if ever there was. (Kono, Kent Shakespeare, Laurel Gand, one-eyed Vi, and Devlin O’Ryan, specifically are interesting, what with their iffy continuity, and all.)

Tales of the Corps is doing a pretty good job of making all the Corps but the Green and Blue seem rather creepy, in their all-consuming, subsuming yourself to the energy thing…which is a touch bothersome, really.

Tengu–Johns has said that what you said is exactly the point.

Green, the user controls the energy.
Blue and Yellow, the user mostly controls the energy
Indigo and Orange, the energy fights to control the user
Violet and Red, the energy almost completely controls the user.

Invincible – Yay! I’d say more but i don’t know how the spoiler tags work.

Spoiler tags work like this:
[ spoiler ] SPOILED STUFF [ /spoiler ]

Except, remove the spaces in the brackets.

Supergirl, I’m actually liking where this title is going better than the fill-ins for Superman and Action Comics. Hopefully Kara will come out with a bit more of an identity.

Tales of the Corps. Seriously, he chooses Bleeze over Dex-Star!?! Johns is just toying with us. I’m not really identifying too much with Larfleeze’s “Corps” (although he’s awesome), and while I understand Carol Ferris being involved, she’s really not the Star Sapphire I wanted to read about, and there would have been better choices to catch folks up on older continuity (since GL just did a long “Year One” type storyline that recapped all of the relevant stuff about her).

Green Lantern, was okay, but the really good parts were the ones without Hal and Barry in them.

Legion of Three Worlds. I’m a bit conflicted on. Glad it’s finally concluded, amused it actually makes fun of itself for being so late. Even more amused at Brainy’s explanation about the Giant Cosmic Reset Button… in a Legion book, of all places (heh). Really liked the LSH storylines that were set up.

On the other hand, it felt a bit… rushed, at the ending. After all the pounding on the LSV before, they’re basically hustled offstage, anticlimactically, here. Brainy before was hinting of the rest of his master plan… then basically wings it here. And the other Brainys don’t even call him on it. Much of the action seemed like set-up for future stories (which, YAY!, and all).

On the gripping hand, the aptly mentioned continuity porn was overwhelmingly delightful! Whee!

Monstress! Thunder! Kent Shakespeare! Proty! Insect Queen! Elastic Lad! Krypto! Streaky! Beppo! Chlorophyll Kid! Color Kid!
Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel, in the nick of time!
Comet… just standing around in the background!

Even with my few quibbles, the whole thing left me with a big ol’ smile on my face.

Lo3W was awesome.

And yes, Invincible was awesome too.

I’ve been away from my comic shop for about a month, so I’ve just finished making my way through a HUGE stack.

Legion of 3 Worlds # 5: Like it a lot, thought the endings were very satisfactory. The “all-Legionnaires” shot was fun, if a bit contrived. Not crazy about the new Duo Damsel powers; those pretty much come out of nowhere. And the White Witch’s move was an unexpected and good one, but it would have been a nice nod to the past if her “evil” self somewhat resembled the Hag.

Green Lantern # 43-44 and Blackest Night # 1: Very creepy. I can’t wait to read more of this.

Blackest Night Tales of the Corps # 1-2: Not bad stories, though the Orange Lantern one was something of a waste (we really just need to see Larfleeze’s origin already) and the Indigo one was a COMPLETE waste - there was no plot, and no additional information about them offered. Bah.

Detective Comics # 854: BIG WIN. I bought this because I’d been enjoying the Renee Montoya Question since 52, but the Batwoman lead feature was unexpectedly great. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I never imagined that her father was in on her costumed identity, was an ex-soldier actively helping her missions…great idea. And I love the art, very Tony-Harris-Starman-esque.

JSA # 28: Decent enough story, but historical revisionism over the atomic bombs ending World War II annoys me to no end. The Japanese were far more barbaric than the Americans were during the war, and I have no doubt that they would not have hesitated to A-Bomb Honolulu and Los Angeles and San Francisco if they had the technology first. A shame innocents got hurt, but it was their innocents or our innocents. Stop making America feel guilty over it.

JSA vs Kobra # 2: Great story, though I could see a mile away that the Kobra attack on STAR Labs was just a diversion. But Kobra’s true target came out of left field.

Strange Adventures # 5: Not so crazy about this series, but I like space opera, so I’m hoping it gets better. I do wish Starman would be more of a dual Gavyn-Will Payton personality than act as if Will Payton never existed.

JLA: Cry for Justice # 1: Not much to say so far, since this was just introduction. I guess it’s decent introduction, but the whole “Justice League is too wimpy to do real justice” thing has been done to death.

Booster Gold # 22: Continues to be a fun time-travel adventure romp throughout DCU history. As long as the writers continue using this to full advantage, I’ll be enjoying it. The Blue Beetle back-up doesn’t do anything for me yet.

R.E.B.E.L.S. # 6: Dox and his crew are well-handled, but I’ll have to see just how the whole Starro-as-humanoid thing shakes out before deciding if I like the story overall.

I thought GL 41 did a good job on that.

Did it? I’m not a regular GL reader, but I’ve skimmed the issues leading up to Blackest Night in my comic shop, and while I noticed an origin story for another of the Orange Lanterns (who aren’t really individuals anymore), the little garbage-eater who got too hungry and ate its owner and his family, I didn’t notice Larfleeze’s own. I guess I’ll have to look again, if I can find a copy.

Still, while the Orange Lanterns remain non-individuals, I don’t find their stories very compelling. Though that garbage-eater one was cute.

Glomulus was from 40… [del]Uncle Deadly[/del]Larfleez’s origin was the bulk of the story in 41. He was a thief, part of a group who stole a box containing Parallax, and the Guardians gave him the Lantern - and a promise to keep out of his territory (ie, the Vega system) - in exchange for the box.

THANK YOU! Uncle Deadly! That’s who he looks like!

Heh…it bugged me for a couple weeks, mostly because Hal said he looked like a Muppet…despite his saying he looked like Gonzo, of all Muppets. Then I remembered enough of Uncle Deadly’s name to look him up, and I was unbugged.

Oh, and for those who don’t know the characters we’re talking about…This is Uncle Deadly, and this is Larfleeze (Or, as I like to call him, Larfles.)

That’s awesome. Thank you, Tengu. :slight_smile: