Weekly Comic Book Discussion 8/16/2007

Here it is, folks - sorry for being a little slow. Had some medical stuff today.

I enjoyed the duo of Action and Countdown this week, but my favorite, as to be expected, was Brave and the Bold. I never thought I’d see THEM in continuity again.

Curse you!
Who, the SPCA?

Countdown #37 - Still not a great book like “52” was, but quality has improved. I’m rather baffled as to how they made Black Mary the least interesting storyline. And I’m not sure if they could’ve squeezed in one more plant-related pun into the backup feature if they’d tried. It was almost as painful as the dialog in “Batman & Robin” except that Arnold wasn’t delivering the lines and there were not bat-nipples.

the Flash #231 - Nice storyline, happy that we immediately jump into the kids (instead of dragging it out), like the kids’ powers, but there was a bit too much of Linda playing the Exposition Fairy and the art bugs.

Action Comics #854 - Fun, and really liked Krypto here. The only nitpick I have is Uh, Clark? If Krypto loved being around you as a kid, and Connor, and you want him to be around a kid – how about your new adopted son??? You know, the Kryptonian who could actually survive Krypto getting rambunctious (as he’s been known to do).

Booster Gold #1 - Nice, although Skeets looks like Booster is trying to pick up the Frizbee endorsement. Although no one knows Rip’s true identity, from his opinion of Superboy Prime, he’s obviously an Internet-posting comic book fan. Liked the notes on Rip’s board, really liked Booster’s “price,” and I suspect that eeeevil Supernova is either future-Michael or future-Daniel, since IIRC Rip made the suit so it’s keyed to Booster’s genetics…

the Brave & the Bold #6 - Best of the lot. Tight plotting throughout the run to date, and I’ve been really impressed that each guest star has not only been relevant, but well-used and not gimped to make the other guest stars shine – not only was Adam as effective as Supergirl, but they actually powered up Supergirl and she didn’t outstrip everyone else. Usually it seems like when Superman teams up with someone, they have to handicap Superman to explain why he doesn’t just do everything himself. Loved all the classic cameos as Batman was zipping through time, too – including at least 5 Flashes. heh.

I picked my 22nd volume of Wil Eisner’s The Spirit: DC Archives Edition.

I have committed myself to buying the series, even if I must sell an organ to afford it.

No, good sir.

The Challengers of the Unknown.

I enjoyed The Flash, though I’m not a fan of Acuna’s art.

Booster Gold was awesome and I love that last page with a preview of upcoming stuff.

Lightray : regarding Action. We don’t know if the adopted son is sticking around yet or not, thanks to the as-yet-unresolved Phantom Zone story.

Booster Gold #1: I like it. I like it alot. Time travel is always fun. I like continuing the theme started in 52 that Booster has to act like an idiot to throw off his trans-temporal enemies. The crumbs for future stories look really interesting. I don’t like the redesign on Skeets. It looks like someone stepped on him.

Batman Confidential #8: A couple of missteps here, I think. The future Joker being an ace shot rings wrong. And I was really skeeved out by Batman casually considering destroying the public defender’s office.

Black Canary #4: So very pissed off. I wanted a solo Black Canary story, which is actually something I’ve never seen. Instead, I got a Green Arrow story shaving off pieces of Black Canary’s recent history to make her fit more smoothly into the GA mythos. Ollie, I have some message from you. Batman from two years ago called, he thinks you’re a dick. Also, Tony Stark says he agrees with Batman. Oh, and Dinah, Silver Age Lois Lane thinks you should grow a spine and dump that creep. Just awful, awful stuff. I won’t be attending the wedding.

Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #55: Oops, we’ve been cancelled, time to tie up all the loose ends! Hurry! But the art is coming together for me. McManus seems to realize that eyes come in sizes below “dinner plate”.

CheckMate #17: I like it. I like the Castellan, I like the reimagined Mawzir, and I’m really curious as to what’s up with the Rooks. The idea that Checkmate has that many cool toys and is under constant attack is a bit silly, but I can handle it.
Hey, anyone here manage to hack into Gideon-II yet? It’s driving me nuts.

Action Comics #854: I hope most of this stuff sticks for a while. Not Jimmy being Mr. Action, but the rest of it. And hey, monkey = good. And yeah, Clark should have thought of Chris (who it seems from stuff in Superman seems to be sticking around for at least a little bit longer). But whatever. Krypto and Jimmy are obviously happy together, so I’ll just call that a little rationalization on Clark’s part.

Brave and the Bold #6: Perfect. Just superb. Love who the four missing men were.

Countdown #37: And Bam! They got me interested in the Karate Kid storyline. Finally. So, I’m very happy. But man, Piper and Trickster are just doing slapsticj now, aren’t they? I mean, geeze, talk about hard luck.

The Flash #231: Hmm… I like the kids. I like that they don’t have speed per se but other speed derived powers. I like the general atmosphere of a family that fights crime for quality time. I like the art, but I think Acuna’s take on cute half-Asian kids (but not Linda) veers a little too close to Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I’ll give it a few issues to find a groove. Shows a lot more promise than Bart’s series, at least.

Exiles 96- Nice, though not much happens

Antman 10, 11- Why is this book being cancelled? It’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Legion of Monsters: Morbius- Dissappointing. A Morbius story that’s been done before and a Dracula story that panders to White Wolf and Blade movie fans.

BTW–I’m reading Comics Gone Ape-The Missing Link To Primates In Comics by Michael Eury.

Great book on Golden/Silver Age use of apes in comics.
Cover art, interviews (including a Carmine Infantino interview), & an encyclopedic record of most of the named primates in comics.

As much as I understand the story reasonings for Rip Hunter’s true identity being a necessary secret, it depresses me to no end that we’ll never, ever see any type of continuation of the 1990 Time Masters series that reinvented the post-Crisis Rip Hunter. Man that series was beautiful.

I bought an issue of Time Masters for a buck because it contained a fold out ad for the film Night Breed. When I wound up reading it, I became interested enough to buy the rest of the series. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck finding issues.

I’ve managed to snag five of the eight from a local comic store bargain bin.

Hmmm…I wonder if the “Rip Hunter” that is leading Booster around is the same one that helped him against Mr Mind, or if he is being played?

Countdown #37 I like how the story lines lead into each other during the issue. The Rogues are still the highlight for me.

Flash #231 Damn…I really don’t like the art and I hate the idea of the kids being super-heroes in training. Hopefully, Zoom will come along and clean up that mess.

Modok’s 11 #2 The first issue was kind a rocky start but this is leaps and bounds ahead of that. I think this series will be a lot of fun before it’s all over.

DMZ Can’t remember the issue number off the top of my head. My comic shop was a week late in getting this one. One of the best, most emotional issues of the whole series. It wrapped up a rather bland storyline with a great ending.

It was right around the time I was really, really starting to get into DC, and the whole concept was an exploration of the history of the post-Crisis DC universe, where they solidified the rules of time travel. It was so continuity-heavy, but accessible. Vandal Savage’s origin, retroactively making Tomahawk’s sidekick Dan Hunter Rip’s brother…and if I’m remembering right, Teth Adam and Dr. Fate in ancient Egypt (it’s been several years since it’s been out of the long box). They started ignoring it pretty early on, though, and by the time Hypertime rolled around, Rip was back to silver-age Time Master.

Is it me, or was Brad Meltzer’s JLA all sound and fury, that’s it? Did he really just reform this team and that’s pretty much it?

Grabbed JLA Classified in the vain hope that it would let someone have some Truth to Power fun, but nooo…and just a cliche ending and creepy origin for the guy too. Ah well.

Thor was good, but slowish. And I want to know who picked up all my shop’s issues of Star Lord? Was it really that good?

No. Since it was a first issue, it was all about exposition and putting together the team. And said team is nothing to write home about so far.

Projammer Do you know what Larry’s assembly language program from Looking For Love does? Could you repost it so one the Dopers could tell us? I haven’t bought the collection yet (waiting for the price to drop) and can’t find the sheet of paper I copied the program to all those years ago.

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Beast An amazing little ascii game. I’d be happy if they just updated it to run on today’s cpus. But they could really work wonders with the graphics too.

… I think Doc posted in the wrong thread, but I really want to know what the right thread is.

I miss Omega, that tank programming game.

I closed the wrong window. That post should be in What Game Do You Wish They’d Make Again? It’s about desired updates of old videogames.