Weekly Comic Book Discussion 9/13/2007

Here 'tis, roughly on time this week.

Countdown was amusing, and gave the best post-facto justification for Identity Crisis yet, in an amusing panel starring Flash, Piper, and Trickster.

I picked up an issue of New Avengers, just to see what was up, and my already low expectations weren’t even met. Sigh.


Yes, there’s a new Groo out! 25th Anniversary Special, from Dark Horse. Groo was one of the very first creator-owned comics, and it’s still nuts.
Transformers/New Avengers: It’d… be a good two issue story, I think. Not nearly as good as the last GI Joe/Transformers, with Joe Clayton and all. Even with the classic Hate Plague.

Booster Gold 2: Missed it. Must get.

Wonder Girl 1: Hm. Got potential.

Doktor Sleepless 2: Ehhhhh. It’s been done.

Booster Gold #2 continues the awesome in fine form.

Store didn’t have any Wedding Special, and I forgot to look for Suicide Squad. Another time, maybe.

Black Adam #2: Ludicrously badass. I mean, he slides to safety on the intestines of a Yeti and gets his powers by giving his wife osteoporosis. It’s a bit much, really. I did enjoy that someone picked up the thread from 52 and we aren’t just left to understand that Neron and Faust escaped somehow.

Welcome to Tranquility #10: Not really that much to enjoy until the revelations at the very end about the Bible and the Comics Code and such.

The Trials of Shazam #8: I love what they’ve done with Atlas. And this is a bold move. Wonder if it’ll have an effect on the power set, then again, they were all vague enough to begin with.

Booster Gold #2: Hmm, only the second issue and already a big old predestination paradox. A couple times is cute, but I really hope that Booster doesn’t become the post-IC Mopee. That said, pretty good. I liked how Booster had to admit that even young Sinestro was way out of his league and how he handled them. And hey! Dr. 13 and friends return!

Green lantern #23: Yeah, I’ll admit this one: Kyle’s “twisted desire” was a bit of a slap at his fans. Ah well, it was kinda deserved. Pretty good issue. The cover is just great.

Superman #667: I’m in the minority, I know, but I’ve really been enjoying this storyline. Subjekt-17 didn’t do much for me when he first appeared, but I really like his use here.

Batman Confidential #9: Horrible art. Just, really bad. I do like Batman being completely overwhelmed by the new kind if evil. But Crane’s explanation makes the Joker so… Banal.

Countdown #33: More horrible art. More mediocre writing.

Suicide Squad - Good book (as expected), except for one thing. The timeline is screwed. ‘2 years ago’? Maybe two years before the last Crisis, which is where two years before the present events takes us.

Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm - Not bad, although they seemed to be trying to get too much into too short a book. Jay’s apparent crush on Donna’s coming out of nowhere, that I can see, which is kind of annoying, but…eh. Kyle’s messing with him was worth it.

Forgot to get Superman, damnit.

Countdown #33 - The art has gone back to “painful,” and Mary Marvel has once again replaced her boobs with bowling balls. I’m guessing Carlos Magno is to blame, but I’ll be arsed if I’m going back to see which other issues he did to see what size the boobs are. As long as it’s only once every few months, I’ll just grit my teeth.

The Search for Ray Palmer #1 - As in Countdown, this storyline is just all over the place. Add to that the fact that they started out with the intensely annoying Wildstorm universe, and that much of the books is fanservice shout-outs (e.g., Kyle’s “eastern europe” scene), means that this is a pretty lackluster start. Not a good sign, since two of their main characters – bland Monitor Bob, and can’t-decide-if-he’s-metal Jason Todd – aren’t really catching my interest.

Booster Gold #2 - Good stuff, Rip is kind of annoying, Booster comes across pretty good, nice that Dan’s story looks to be a running plotline. New Skeets still looks stupid, though.

Green Lantern #23 - Somewhat annoyed that Countdown & tie-ins ruined the Kyle plotline, since his use in those other books hasn’t been interesting, but the Sinestro War has been ripping good. Nice that – like in GL Corps – the other GLs are given their moments, too (e.g., Hannu vs. the Anti-Monitor). But it appears to be a constant of any GL-series that the Guardians are there only so that the reader will want to slap them silly.

Justice Society of America #9 - The theme on this one didn’t hold through as coherently as on recent issues, but JSA is always best when it’s telling these “day in the life” stories.

Thor #3: Iron Man shows up and attempts to get Thor to register. The whole “Clor” thing comes up. Who wants to guess the outcome?

[spoiler]Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but Thor pounds Iron Man to scrap, tells him where he can stick his registration act, and promises to come back for more Clor based discussions when he’s done repopulating Asgard.

Oh yeah. Thor finds Heimdall in New Orleans and returns him to New Asgard. Who cares. Iron Man gets beaten for cloning Thor. The only way that it could get better is if Thor spends the next book pounding on Mark Millar for writing it in the first place.[/spoiler]