Weezer's "Pork & Beans" video

Didn’t see this posted yet…

It combines pretty much every viral video craze from the past few years into one fantastic video. Not just a clip-show either, they get the viral characters involved. See if you can catch all the cameos.

That’s…pretty darn impressive. Easily matches their video for Buddy Holly.

The dramatic chipmunk will give me nightmares, though. Freaky.

That’s farking cool!

Saw this first posted over on SA, and came over here to post…and beaten to it…twice, actually.

But yeah, love the song, love the video.

ETA: With the flannel shirt and the totally ass-kicking mustache, you think Rivers is channeling a little Earl vibe?

I’m thinking more like Harry Reems…

Wow, once again My interest in Weezer picks up. Every single makes me feel like this is gonna be a good album…
Let’s see if this one can do the trick!

Hey, they even have Ryan vs Dorkman. Cool!

I must have missed out on something, I thought Weezer definitely split up a couple of years ago.

Wow, I felt really out of it watching that video. I got the “All Your Base,” beauty-queen-who-can’t-speak and Diet Coke + Mentos references… and nothing else. A little frustrating, a couple of times I thought one of the women doing a cameo was kinda cute, but I have no clue who they were, or what I’d look up to see their original Internet claim to fame.

That video was cool.

And that song wasn’t bad, too.

bouv, I’m with you, I think it was definitely an homage to Earl.

I was gonna post the same thing. Last I heard Rivers said that without question they were done.

Anyone know the story?

Weezer is one of my favorite bands of all time. I am totally psyched about the new album, which I didn’t even know about until I watched this awesome music video.

I never even knew they had been rumored to split up. I think this means I’m officially getting old.

Careful. It may not actually be a woman.

I think he was talking about the Daft Punk robot dancers.
But I agree, I don’t get alot of these references (I’m sure every single one will be listed on Wikipedia in no time).

I expected this link to go to Kelly.

I’m far too lazy to dig through my old e-mails to find the cite, but as a subscriber of the Weezer mailing list, I know Rivers said the band was going on hiatus, mostly because he was getting married. Can’t recall if he said they were done for good or if it was just a temporary thing, but I know he wanted to take some time to be with his woman.

Besides, who cares? They’re BACK, baby!!

Oh, and I ain’t diggin’ that new look. Rivers used to have the super-hot dork look goin’ on. Now he just looks like a perv. :smiley:

I also first saw this on Something Awful and was entertained- both by the song and the video.

I got most of them, but there were a few I were confused on. Here’s a list of most of the memes spoofed/tributed in the video (SA filled some of the gaps)- I have probably missed a few, so this list is not complete:

[spoiler]00:15 Numa Numa guy
00:18 Dramatic Chipmunk
00:22 Afro Ninja
00:30 Eepybird Diet Coke/Mentos
00:37 G.I. Joe PSAs
00:46 T-shirt world record
00:58 Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone”
01:03 “All your base are belong to us”
01:09 Miss South Carolina
01:12 lightsabers (just the concept of lightsabers in general)
01:25 Evolution of Dance
01:29 Chocolate Rain**
01:38 Kevin Federline in the studio jamming to Popozao
01:47 Daft Hands
01:51 Daft Bodies
02:05 Kicesie’s Sex Ed
02:28 Kelly “Shoes” song (Ohmigod, shoes)
02:36 probably multiple, sneezing panda is visible and obvious
02:42 Peanut Butter Jelly Time
02:52 Blendtech Will It Blend?*
02:56 Charlie the Unicorn

*Miss South Carolina is blending a piece of paper marked “MAPS,” referring to her ignorance in geography
**I move away from the mic to breathe in[/spoiler]

Sweet video, but boy is Weezer doing everything they can to cement the notion that both the Blue Album and Pinkerton were flukes.

Yeah, upon googling, it’s the Daft Punk girls I was kinda checking out. Odd I wasn’t aware of them, since I have dug Daft Punk for a while, I’d have expected to run across them before this. There was something off about the Chris Crocker person, though I’ll honestly say I didn’t peg him as being a male.

I did my Internet duty, looked up a lot of the original videos upon which this is based. I don’t get it. I mean… I’m a LOLcats fan, loved All Your Base, helped propogate things like the Outkast/Charlie Brown video and “I am all the day with my cock up,” have Rickrolled and been Rickrolled, and spread the word on goatse, tubgirl, larvae boob, Peter Pan guy, and more over the year. I just don’t get the “Numa Numa” guy popularity, or the Star Wars kid, or… get off my lawn, youse kids.

And, watching again… y’know… that beauty queen is really quite cute. And she’s willing to laugh at herself by appearing in the video, which just makes her more cute. I’d be willing to forgive her for not being able to talk about maps. In person.

Pinkerton was a fluke. Rivers said he’d never do anything like it again, because it was so poorly received by the fans. As for Blue, I got nothin’.