Weiner comes clean! This is not intended to be a bad pun.

Arrogant little twit finally admits he is a lying sack of shit! Live on CNN!

It is a photo of him, he sent it, he tried to cover it up with a bunch of lies.

Politics as usual. Kinda fun to watch him squirm.

He’s spitting it out live on CNN as I’m typing this. Keeping himself erect the whole time.

How can these guys be so STOOOOOOPID!?!?!?!?!?

He seems to be copping to it pretty well. I like me some contrition.

Daily Show’s gonna be fun. It’ll be a Weiner roast.

Really, who did he think he was fooling with his “I didn’t send it/Well, I can’t say if it was or wasn’t a picture of me”?

Yeah. Its an Oscar performance. Why the hell he didn’t say this to start with? :confused:

Did he really think he wouldn’t get caught? He ain’t as smart as I, or he, thought he was.

This is painful to watch. Why doesn’t he just end it. He said everything he has to say, and he’s just repeating himself and leaving himself out there for further questions. STOP!!!

He was ashamed. It’s the same reason Bill Clinton lied after getting caught.

I think he should have come clean immediately, but I’ve never been caught flat footed and accused of shenanigans in the public eye.

I hope I never have to watch something like that again…

Newsflash to Mr. Weiner: You may as well resign. Your career is over. You sent a picture of your junk to another woman, then lied about it. Add that to your ironic last name, and you are done with politics. Bye now.

The beauty of it is that isn’t necessarily true. Republicans are the morons who pretend to be holier-than-thou.

I don’t recall Weiner holding himself up as a paragon of Christian virtue.

Jewish virtue?

I think he’ll survive, politically. He’s a 13 term Congresscritter, and a very effective one, too.

I don’t know why, but I have a sick feeling he is going to weather this. Mind you, I don’t really give a shit about his political idealogy, I just think he is a combative, arrogant “know it all” …(trying not to use any slang for penis!)… jerk. Second only to Schumer. I’d love to see him go! In disgrace preferably.

I meant it to be ironic. I assumed he was Jewish because of his bulge contours. :smiley:

Well, I could certainly be wrong…but the guy’s name will be permanently linked to the drawers picture for all eternity. Hell, if I was running against him I’d use the picture in my campaign adds.

I don’t think he will last more than a few weeks. He doesn’t even know how old some of the women are. If one of them turns out to have been 17 when he sent them something, he’s toast.

Resignation by the end of June, divorce to follow.

If I was Weiner I’d use the picture in *my *campaign ads. People run to the banner of the thick wang.

Honestly the stalling probably hurt him more than the actual scandal. If he’d owned up to it the networks would have gotten a day or two of jokes out of their system. As it was they rubbed out a full week.

A full week? Now, that’s stamina!

Yes, you can get away with being a horndog but not with being a lying horndog.

His only hope now is that a huge news story occurs in the next twenty-four hours and buries this story.

Don’t worry.

Even if he does does survive politically, he’ll eventually have to answer to a Higher Authority.