Re Anthony Weiner's latest 3rd strike texting antics. Is he mentally unhinged?

A Weiner is once more back in the texting & sexy pics fray as if he had never lost his political career, damaged his marriage and made himself a national laughingstock with his prior pics and texts.

We’re kind of beyond hand on the hot stove point here. The compulsion to have his body and his genitals be admired and attended to must absolutely consume him.

Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him

I just watched the documentary filmed during Weiner’s NYC mayoral race. His arrogance and narcissism is really quite jaw-dropping. Armchair psychologist opinion is that he has an addiction that he can’t even acknowledge. He seems to think the sexting is completely separate from his career and family, even though it’s destroyed both.

Huma Abedin finally announced she’s dumping him today. That was a looong time coming.

Dude’s just creepy & pathetic.

Hey, I found Anthonys theme song.
Weiner, Weiner, Weiner

[Barry Kripke] “We’re all creepy and pathetic and can’t get girls…”
Maybe he should try fighting wobots.

I loath this guy. What sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

Damn I guess some people never learn. What a douche.

Isn’t there some saying about leopards and unchanging spots? I thought so.

Modern hair color products can help a leopard who doesn’t want to be spotted. Anthony Wiener is another animal.

Some arrogance and narcissism is to be expected in a politician. By definition, a politician has to believe he can solve things you and I can’t. However, sexting is astoundingly stupid behavior.

I’ve never met him, and I’m not his doctor, so I can’t say whether he’s mentally unhinged. I can tell you I would never vote for him.

He should go to prison for this incident, because he got his kid involved this time. :eek: :mad:

What crime did he commit?

And who presumably knows that Weiner’s (soon-to-be-ex) wife is a top aide to Hillary Clinton. It might lead one to wonder just how “the Post has learned” all that was sent between them.

At least Huma has dumped his ass. And his weiner.

It’s a mess all around.

From what I read and understand, they haven’t been living together for a number of months. I’d guess they had an understanding that she’d file for divorce after the election. She’s off playing major politics, doing what he’d rather be doing, but instead he’s home playing Mr. Mom. He go tired of that, and either though boredom or being pissed at being left behind or both, started up again, not really caring if he got caught. He did, and she said “what the hell, I just got a free divorce card, I don’t have to wait” and dropped the divorce hammer ahead of schedule.

He’s a looser, no doubt. But this guy is an attention whore of the first magnitude. She had to know leaving him behind while she is playing in the big leagues was a recipe for disaster. At least she’s free.

Seems like that kid is screwed either way.

GROSS!! That poor kid. And what’s wrong with these women??

Do you have any interest in identifying a specific crime, or should he just go for being an awful person?

Can we do that now?

Oh, who am I kidding. If the Justice Department really wants one in jail, they’ll find something, then threaten to simply outspend you until one cops a plea. We’re just doing a shitty job at aiming the JD at the right targets.

That’s not true.

I don’t say that it never happens, but in general people that take pleas do so because they are factually guilty.

It would be unusual to find someone who was factually innocent, targeted by the Justice Department for made-up crimes, and then plead out rather than going to trial.

Here, Weiner is guilty of douchbaggery, but that’s not a crime the legal system is equipped to address.

And thank god for that or there would be no one left the run the economy.

…All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God…
…and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags…

Which is to say that is unusual to find someone who is an innocent. But I would say (from my time observing the courts and talking to people), something slightly different than you did:

…That in general people that take pleas do so because they are factually guilty of something… …It would be usual to find someone who is guilty of something targeted by the Justice Department for made-up crimes, and then plead out rather than going to trial.

Actually, I’d say that’s pretty much a characteristic of an adversial court system, never mind the pleading. The defence makes up a story consistent with the evicdence, the prosecution makes up another story consitent with the evidence, they put their stories to the court, the judge/jury makes up a third story inspired by the first two stories, and that’s your result.