Anthony Weiner: douchebag extrordinaire

I can forgive peccadilloes by politicians: sex is a personal thing and if somebody cheats - well hell, I don’t live with their spouse, so can’t judge. But Weiner is a special case. It’s now been revealed that even after resigning his seat in Congress, he continued to send photos of his dick to other women. How stupid is this guy? Mayor of NYC? Not bloody likely, Tony.

Well, at that point, why not?

He didn’t get into trouble for sexting but for lying about it. There’s no good reason why the Mayor of NYC should not be a man who sends women junkpix.

There are eight million stories in the naked city. Here is one of them.

But he says he’s put it behind him (already! That didn’t take long at all!), and he says of opponents calling for him to leave the race “I’m sure they would like me to leave the race”. Hell, if I’m his opposition, I’m praying he’ll stay in. Political gold, Jerry! I really feel very badly for his wife and young son. What a self-centered asshole to risk putting them through this yet again.

Is this the modern version of “I didn’t inhale”?

You’ve got to be joking.

Why not? Honesty is refreshing.

“I’ve sent junkpix”, said the candidate. “Heck,”, he continued, “I’ll send you a pic if you give me your number.”

Edit to ask- is it extraordinary in some way? I hesitate to google.

Name a good reason, and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.

Hey, David Vitter retained his Senate seat even though he fucked prostitutes, going so far as to arrange them with calls made from the floor of the Senate IIRC. (Apparently he thinks gay marriage is sinful, though.) Sending some junk shots is pretty tame in comparison.

Who cares what he does with his dick unless he’s a hypocrite “family values” candidate?

Here’s a good reason: a significant fraction of the electorate won’t like it, and fail to vote for him. Since being the mayor of New York requires getting votes, this is a good reason that the mayor can’t be a guy that sends pictures of his genitals to his close correspondents.

Vitter is a joke…reelected by “family values” hypocrites. If weiner in fact continued after he resigned then it is indicative of a man with horrendous judgement

Right. He’s a Democrat – “We Have No Values.” He’s covered on the hypocrisy front.

Heh. I just said he was covered in front, and he’s really not. Heh.

When you hold yourself morally superior then you should be morally righteous. Vitter and Sanford are two examples of the hypocrisy of the right.

Tsk. Why must you guys always assume the worst of people? He’s in his forties. He probably just set off his camera at the same time his pants fell down. And then accidentally texted the picture to a random chick. Eight times.

It’s much safer to be a candidate that concedes he has no morals. No one can accuse the Democrats of hypocrisy on that score, I guess.

Not being a “family values” candidate is not equivalent to claiming to have no morals.

Oh, OK. They have morals about their adultery (and violating the law, on occasion), so that’s fine. Glad we’re clear about that. I mean, it’s A-OK to “hike the Appalachian Trail” (leaving your family alone on Father’s Day) if you’re a Republican, because you have morals and she’s your “soulmate!” You can hire whores to fuck you and make you wear diapers, but you’re all moral about it as long as you’re saying the gays are bringing the hurricanes down on your heads.

That, if true, is only a reason why he can’t be mayor. It does not mean he would not make a good one.

Seems you’re the one assuming the worst of him. :wink: