Weird - a dream found my iPod

It’s a running joke (deserved) among my friends: I just cannot keep an iPod. I destroy them all.

My iPod history; spoilered to shorten:

iPod classic, 3rd gen I think (2004?) - left it idle for a year, after which the battery would not hold a charge.

ipod mini 2nd gen (2006). Same problem.

note - I started using my ipod at work here, so usage was way up

ipod nano 2nd gen - loved it, till I put it through the wash. Fail.

ipod nano 6th gen - same story. Loved it for about a year, then forgot it in my pocket, washed, fail.

ipod nano 6th gen, 16 gb - this is my current. I’m at about a 1.5 years with it.

Anyways, I’m on my 5th ipod here since 2004. I’ve destroyed all previous. And damn me, I “lost” my current one last Friday. I left work early to hit the bar - this messed up my usual OC routine of - check pockets: phone, keys, money clip, ipod, go. But when I looked for my stuff on Saturday the iPod wasn’t there. Historically this means I’ve put it through the wash. After cursing my stupidity, I searched the washer and dryer. Twice, different days. Nothing. Checked all pockets of things I wore or might have worn last week. Twice again, different days. Nothing. I TORE my condo apart. Three times, three different days. Still nothing. And I spent a good 20 minutes cleaning out my car, searching (nearly) every nook or cranny that it might have fallen into. Twice, different days. Nothing.

I had been getting a bit depressed at work this week. You’d think working a sciency-job in a lab was always interesting, but there’s a lot of repetition, running the same tests over and over. Damn, I missed podcasts. I was this close to surrendering and buying a new one. I must have lost or dropped the old one.

But this morning, I woke up at 5 AM - which is normal. I usually go back to sleep for another hour or two. But this time, lying in bed, half-awake, half-asleep - a picture exploded in my mind. An iPod, hidden under my driver’s seat, in a really specific place. Tucked under the rail that the mechanical seat adjustment runs on. Strange. And I remember thinking, “pssht. I tore that car apart with searching. Multiple times.” I fell back asleep, but when I got a spare chance at work today I went out to the parking lot, and feeling a little foolish, looked under that rail.

30 second search, and there’s my iPod. I have no idea how I missed it. But hurrah!

Dreams are strange.

That’s cool!

I’ve had three dreams that led me to find missing items. Once with a missing pair of glasses, and twice with a piece of jewelry. It’s almost like the knowledge of where the item went just floats around in my brain for a few days or weeks, until it hits some sweet spot, then all is revealed.