Weird after-taste from Pepsi One?

Whenever I drink Pepsi One I get a weird after taste after a while, quite distinct from any other sodas. It’s almost like a starchy yeasty kind of thing. Anyone else notice this, or am I just freak?

I distincly get a very strange taste in mouth as well. I liken mine more to metallic taste though. It makes my mouth fuzzy feeling. Unfortunatly that is the only soda that is usually in my household. Sometimes I just gotta take a gulp.

I was all 'a tingle when I heard that Pepsi was coming out with a new diet drink that tasted like regular Pepsi.

Well, it don’t. Tastes like crapolla. I don’t remember it being yeasty or metallic (maybe a little metallic…) but I definitely remember a weird aftertaste.

Can’t tell ya how disappointed I was that it was just as bad, albeit different, than all the other diet sodas.

I’ll just stick with my un-sweetened iced tea, thankyouverymuch.

Pepsi One is the Evil Devil’s Drink. If you consume it, ever, you are guaranteed to go to hell.

See, Pepsico cancelled the fantabulously glorious Josta line in order to make Pepsi One… damn them!!!

Any soft drink that uses Cuba Gooding Jr. as a shill deserves to die a slow painful death.

I’ve noticed that metallic taste as well. Ugh!

There is a cure for that, drink regular Coke instead :D. In my experience the ONLY drinkable diet POP is Sam’s Choice. Yep, the 25 cents a can Wal-Mart stuff.

All Pepsi has a funny taste in my opinion. Years ago they had the first “Pepsi Light”, Pepsi with imitation lemon flavor added. They couldn’t sell that one in the sahara.

I love Pepsi One. I got addicted to that poison when I was in college. I go through six to ten cans a day of it when I’m at work.

Oh, god, the first swig, the feeling as I swallow, the aftertaste. I love this stuff. Perfect for a good pick-me-up and cool-me-down on a hot day.

I’ve noticed this as well. Very acrid and musty. It tastes kind of like they manufactured it an extremely dirty attic. I wonder if it’s the fact that they use the somewhat exotic Ace-K as a sweetener in order to give the drink a more “sugary” quality?

I think I’m morbidly addicted to the aftertaste. I know that when I first tasted it, though, I was appalled by the taste. After a while it kinda grew on me.
What I dislike about regular sodas is the overpowering sugariness that coats my teeth. I’m of the firm belief that sodas have waaay too much sugar in them anyway.
My vote for the all time worst diet soda goes to Diet Coke with that nasty saccharin aftertaste, which is too gross to mention.

Pepsi One is okay…it’s Diet Pepsi that tastes like somebody is running a vacuum cleaner over your tongue.

As a recent convert to diet pop (very recent, like last week recent, after some bad-ass dental problems), I decided to give Pepsi One a try.

I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. I noticed no aftertaste, and the taste of the pop itself was actually quite good.

It’s a toss up for me now, between Diet Coke and Pepsi One. They’re both pretty good, as diet pop goes. I sure do miss my Coke, though.

If you like the aftertaste, try letting the Pepsi One age.

I was cleaning out a cupboard a month ago and found some sodas that had been shoved to the back and buried. They had dates from 1999 on the bottom of the can, so were a year or so old.

The Cherry Pepsi still tasted like Cherry Pepsi. The Mountain Dew tasted fine, too. The Pepsi One, however, tasted like wood soaked in dirty water. It was so unbelievably bitter that I had to spit it out. Whatever passes for sugar in the soda has a limited shelf life.

I like Pepsi One. Yes, I know I’m weird.

That said, I haven’t noticed a distinct aftertaste, although I drink so much diet soda that I’m probably used to it to the point where it doesn’t make much difference.

LNO: I keep a six-pack in my car for emergencies! :wink:


All diet soda ages horribly. Diet Pepsi more than 6 months old tastes like seltzer that was rejected from the quality control process. I only drink diet soda, so whenever I go to the homestead (where they never drink diet), I get the remnants of whatever batch they last bought, and it is often beyond vile.

I just hate colas in general. However, Pepsi One deserves a special place in my hatred-filled heart because it killed Josta.

Revenge shall be mine!

The aftertaste is the sweet metallic tang of brainwashing-in-action. Have fun when the government lets the giant ants come down and you don’t care that it’s time to go work in the sugar mines!

Pepsi One is nasty, and should be treated like your mom told you how to handle the schoolyard bully (just aviod him and he’ll go away)

punk snot dead