Weird DIablo 2 class things - Necro

I was thinking about making a new Necro.

A meleeNecro. Go Bone Armor all the way with all the trimmings (synergies). Use curse to increase damage and socketed heavy armor. Things like bone wall and prison will be handy, of course, since you’re so highly invested in the Poison/Bone tree. You can also splash for Clay Golem as a boss-fighting strategy. Without skill bonuses, your base damage absorption is 800+ per bone armor. Which seems to be enough to stop most enemies, since you can pop it back up. Not the best build, mind you, but maybe fun.

Anybody got a fun Paladin build? Anything except a Zealadin?

Here’s a forum thread that lists pretty much every build I can possibly imagine. Not all are great, but you can get some interesting ideas from it.

I have nothing to add regarding the builds (haven’t played DII in a while), but I just have to say that I read the strangest thing in your OP…



Clay Golem and Gary Coleman sound alike.

You might find some use for that ridiculous Poison Dagger move that no one in the history of D2 has ever used. I dunno, Zealdins are a pretty strong build, and have been for a long time. Did Blessed Hammer ever get nerfed? That used to be pretty strong. Sacrifice (lots of extra damage at the cost of basically -8% life leech) and Vengeance (loads of elemental damage added) has some potential, and Paladin focused on charge-locking* could be fun. You’d need loads of mana-leech, though.

*Charge is useful only at range, so you can’t use it up close. However, there’s a bit of a loophole here- charge also knocks enemies backwards, which puts them at range, so you can charge them, which knocks them back, which puts them at range, ad infinitum, or at least until you miss. It’s easy to do, but whether it would make a strong build is questionable.

I don’t think so - they’re probably still the easiest Paladin build. So I hear, anyway. I never liked the skill because of its weird deployment.

That’s what I’m trying. All this talk got me to dust off my old copy as well and as I never played Paladins much, I though I’d give the Avenger a try. We’ll see - I play SP exclusively and whether this build can solo Hell with not-quite-optimum gear is an open question. But I like the concept ( especially the ability to tank elemental attackers of all sorts ).

The problem with making a chargadin is that there is a bug that will cause the charge power to lock up, requiring you to exit and then return to your game or start a new game for you to be able to charge again.

Let us know how it works out. I tried a Double-Throw Barbarian once, with pretty mediocre results. I’m in the middle of a not-so-innovative attempt with a Frenzy Barbarian, which I’ve never seriously tried but looks pretty straightforward.

I want to try a Vengeance-a-Din, but they don’t seem to be popular. I also like Smite, but the skills are do different that I might need to split them for different characters.

Sorry for the thread Necromancy, but I still play this and was looking for Necro conversations, as I am building a Summoner Necro as my latest project. Wanted to comment on the below:

I’m currently running two Chargers, and when the Charge skill locks you, just tap your weapon-switch key. You can tap it again immediately to return to your favored weapon setup; just switching weapons breaks you out of the lock and allows you to continue. Irritating bug, but easy workaround.

If that info does any diehard players any good, this Necromancy has not been in vain!

Raising a dead thread about a necromancer in a mostly dead game. That’s meta as hell, at least :).

Summoner necros are pretty much cruise control though, so not sure what discussion is worth having about them. Up skeletons+mastery, ignore the mages, pop either a clay or steel golem for bosses (might not even be worth pumping them), get a merc for a cool aura, maybe a curse or corpse 'splosion to have something to do once in a while.
Doze off, ignore your gear entirely outside of stuff with magicfind or +Skellies/+Mastery, wake up when all the level’s dead.

Don’t ignore the mages entirely: Put one point into it, and let your +skill gear take it from there, for an extra 8ish minions for almost no investment.

Party with an enchantress, and you’ll faceroll through everything.

Well, yeah - you need one point for Revive anyway. Revive is good. Like, *good *good.

I never managed to take my summoner into hell, though.

My favourite build was a Trapsin. Walk half a screen, drop a trap at the edge. If it goes off, drop more traps. If whatever it is doesn’t seem like it’s dying, drop the other trap. After a while, drop the CE trap. When everything stops going off, walk over to find out what you killed.

Sounds boring, but I kinda enjoyed that.

I once did a shuriken-thrower. Kill the first thing or two with throwing stars, and then let the corpse explosion trap kill everything else. Cow runs were… interesting: I’d run around frantically trying to survive until I could get that first kill, and then all of a sudden I’d kill about a hundred cows at once in a gigantic mooclear explosion.

My favorite build, though, was the explosive-arrow enchantress. You do respectable fire damage yourself, with enough points left over for a meaningful investment in Frozen Orb… But if you’re in a party, you quickly reach the point where you’re contributing absurd amounts of damage by enchanting everyone else.