Weird Excel Action Settings problem

I’ve created a PowerPoint presentation that links to an Excel file via Mouse Over on the Action Settings. This presentation will be individualized and presented by different staff in different locations. The Excel file is set up so that they can enter specific data relevant to their location.

Here’s the problem: I’ve emailed the PowerPoint file and the Excel file along with instructions telling my managers how to set up the Action Settings on their local computers. IOW, first save both files to your computer, next link the Excel file to the PowerPoint via the Action Settings dialog box, etc. HOWEVER, sometimes the PowerPoint pulls the correct, locally saved, Excel file. Sometimes, it tries to open the file I emailed (IOW, the file name as it’s saved on MY computer). Chaos ensues.

My questions are: 1) The hell? 2) Why is it doing this? 3) How do we fix this?

Nevermind. A few moments of thinking solved this problem for me.

Sheesh, what a dorkus I be.