Weird Group Mix Movies

Every now and then Hollywood decides to make a movie in which they throw members of two completely different cultures together and see what happens. I’m not talking about historical epics, or cases where one of the groups is one of the Western European or American groups – they show those all the time. I’m talking about weird match-ups. The results are pretty intereswting:
Kings of the Sun – Mayans travel to Gulf Coast area and run into local tribes. Stars Yul Brynner, George Chakiris, and Richard Basehart(!!)

The Long Ships – Vikings travel to the Mediterranean and get sucked into a search for a giant bell for an Arabic kingdom. Actually based on only part of a long book called “Red Orm”, which has Vikings crossing Russia via river and other stuff.

The 13th Warrior – Based on Michael Crichton’s **Eaters of the Dead ** (which must have been viewed as a downer of a title) – play the last one the other way – Arab goers among Viking Warriors and ends up fighting weird folk in a story that becomes “Beowulf”.

Any others?

Do time travel movies count? What about if nobody realizes that anyone time traveled, even the time travelers?

Then The Navigator, a journey across time True the factory workers in modern day Austrailia and the villagers from plauge era England don’t interact that much but they do a little.