Weird or Funny Things on Restaurant Menus

In a mall Chinese restaurant near my home, the special is

Fry Rice

Cracks me up every time. :smiley:

I saw a puppet show once that was a series of vignettes based entirely on misspellings on a Chinese restaurant menu.

And example is “Wanton Soup,” which was a Barbie doll taking an orgiastic bath in a soup bowl.

Does bad formatting on a menu count?

Because the


at a drive-through restaurant in Olympia, WA were pretty nasty-sounding.


There’s a restaurant near here that underwent a renovation in January, prior to which the menu above their takeout counter had lots of misspellings. For example, the ham & sweese cheese sandwich and the Italian sausage sub that contained homade sauce and saysage. I’m sure there were other typos but I can’t remember them at the moment.