Weird relationships

Does anyone here have any weird relationships with people?

One of my friends, Keay, is about the most opposite of me you could be. I’m a pasty white cracker, he’s a yellow asian (inside joke, don’t be insulted). He’s ugly as hell, I’m one good lookin man. Okay, that may not be true. He plays football, I have disdain for group sports. He likes Ween, I like TMBG. He’s an atheist, I’m a methodist. But somehow, we get along great. We both have the strangest sense of humor and laugh at weird ass shit that no one else thinks is funny. We’ll be sitting around talking, and then just launch into insulting each other like crazy, and we don’t think twice about it. Or I’ll be playing his computer and he’ll yank me out the chair and we’ll start beating the shit out of each other. Like last night, we were riding around, singing along to Tenacious D (I was JB, he was KG), when he turns to me and says “You can’t sing, can you? You’re terrible. Fuck, man, you don’t even notice that you’re fucking up the song.” and then we just started trashing each other and he told me to get out and take my own car. Strangely, even though I can’t sing and what he said was completely true, I didn’t take it as an insult in the slightest, and no matter how mad we were pretending to be, we both thought it was funny as hell.

One time he gave me a handjob but I’m not gay. No, wait, that’s not true. That would be too strange of a friendship even for me.

Man, it’s such a fucked up relationship I can’t even describe it, but somehow it works perfectly.

Anyone else got weird ass relationships?


When I was a freshman in high school, I had a guy friend who was a senior. We’d bash each other left and right for every conceivable offense- he was a senior, I was a freshman; he was in band, I was in orchestra; he was a guy, I was a girl, and so forth. It was always good-natured, but some people thought we were dead serious and hated each others’ guts. They couldn’t believe it whenever they saw us having normal, civilized conversations. They assumed we’d made amends. Of course, that theory was shot to hell when we started “arguing” again. :slight_smile:

Ok one of my good friends is considered a “thug” while I am a “freak”, or more commonly, “grunge grrrl”…I listen to NIN and KoRn and Disturbed while she listens to Sisqo and Tupac…she’s a vegetarian and I loooove red meat…she loves cars, and I can’t see what the big deal is…she digs big, clean cut dudes, and I prefer long hair, guitar gods sighs Yet, we get along amazingly, to everyone’s surprise…then there’s my little triangle of me, my best friend who’s a hippie and my other good friend who’s gothic…but that’s another story altogether!

Well, a lot of my friends are goth type people. Black clothes, chains, spiked dog collars, the whole thing. I’m just about as clean cut as they come. And I have one friend who is a goth/hippie. And she pulls it off. Studded dog collar with brigh flowered shirt. And it looked good on her. But despite the way we all dress completely different, and look extremely odd when we go out together. We all get along perfectly. And that’s not to mention our polar opposite tastes in music.

My best friend and I don’t look all that odd when we go out together but it’s just funny to see how different we are. She’s white mixed with white and even more white, I’m 100% Mexican, she’s an over achiever, she adores science fairs and all those silly projects while I’m one of those people who does what I have to for the grade I want and no more than that unless it involves glitter or clipart. I listen to mostly music in spanish and I speak it fluently, she couldn’t even begin to understand my music and she wouldn’t survive a day in Mexico (I go there most summers). I got a 341 on a 1000 question purity test, she got a 47. I find kissing a guy something quite fun, I’m not sure she’s kissed more than 5 guys in her life. I go clubbing during the summer and get drunk off my ass, I don’t think she’s ever had more than champagne in her life. I can mix you drinks, she can’t name half of the stuff I make. Typical good girl/bad girl relationship but we’re inseperable. I love her lots.