Weird to catch flu (was:Something odd and f**ked up)

I managed to get the flu week before last. One of my kids brought it home from school, despite wearing masks and everything.

I was convinced I had COVID, went and got tested, and when the CVS tech asked if I wanted the joint COVID/Flu test, I said “Sure, why not?”.

Turned out I had Flu-A. How weird is that, in light of all the precautions and fear about COVID, that I go off and get the damned flu?

My staff of 11 went nearly 2 years without only one or two sick days. Since the masks came off a month ago I’ve got people calling in sick once or twice a week. Flu, strep, bronchitis. No COVID except for one person who decided to isolate with his COVID positive wife. I’m not sure it’s because the masks came off or just because people are going to group events again. Probably both.

Husband just got over it. As the masking rules dropped, and the flu vaccine missed the mark, the number of flu cases this year (at least here in Switzerland) is rather high.

I don’t think getting the flu now is particularly strange. Mask mandates are gone and multiple articles have pointed out that this season’s flu shot is terrible, only 16% effective.

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I find myself wondering if immune systems are also a little weakened from less use, around masks, isolation, etc.

An employee came to work a few weeks ago despite being I’ll. I freaked out, sent her home, and bathed in hand sanitizer.

I was so happy to hear that she tested positive for influenza. She was COVID-19 vaccinated (as I required) but never bothered with a flu vaccine.

I can believe it, since I got my flu shot back in September or October.

I imagine it’s terrible because no one had the flu for the last two years, so they had no idea what strains to vaccinate against.

News Item: Clarence Thomas hospitalized with flu. (or something?) Hmmm? Wonder what vaxxes he’s had.

He’s getting up there. Maybe it’s time to retire?!

Your remark would fit even better following the related post I wrote in the Schadenfreude thread:

I’ve seen several news sources report that the Supreme court told them that all the justices have been vaccinated a boosted.

(grumble, can’t find one now, though.)

Yeah, yeah, that’s what they want you to believe.

Okay, I’m sure they all have their vaxes. Like a lot of the most prominent anti-vax politicians who rant and rave about freedumb and keeping businesses open and schools open and let’s not tell people how to run their lives and businesses, but they make laws forbidding businesses to mandate vaxes for their employees and customers, etc. And of course, they are probably all vaxed up themselves, even if they refuse to admit it. (DeSantis, we’re talking about you.)