Weird Video Game Questions You Have

In F.E.A.R. if you jump off a tall building the game cuts out before you hit the ground and simply tells you you’re dead. Are there any games that let you take a deadly fall and hit the ground with a nice splat?

In Skyrim, is it possible to kill an entire village and get away with it? I mean if you kill everyone, who’s gonna tell the other villages?

What are your weird questions?

Fallout III and I believe Fallout: NV. You can even get a nice slow motion view as you go crunch! It’s happened to me a few times when doing the mission for Moira Brown where she wants you to get injured and break a limb; a simple way of doing that is to jump off a building.

Yoshi’s Island, (SNES 95), at the end of every level, there were two secret bonus worlds you could play but you had to figure out how to unlock them. (1-1, 1-2, 1-3…1-final level, bonus world, bonus world. And then it would start all over again 2-1, 2-2…King, bonus, bonus. As long as you beat the king you could move on to the next level. You didn’t need to play the bonus worlds to move on.)

I could never figure out how to unlock those special bonus worlds. I figured, the only way to unlock them was to get a perfect score on every previous world. But nope, even that didn’t do it. I figure I’ll go to my grave never knowing how to unlock those damn worlds!

You’re wanted for a crime the instant you commit it and there’s at least one witness, even if you kill said witness before they could possibly tell anyone else. (Presumably, the entire population of Skyrim has magical cell phones and can call 911 instantly.) You can get away with a crime if the total bounty is less than 2000 gold and you’re a thane of the hold wherein the crime occurred, but it only works once.

(I don’t know if it’s still true in Skyrim, but in Oblivion, horses were capable of acting as witnesses and reporting your crime to a guard, and it was theoretically possible for a horse you’re stealing to act as witness to its own theft unless you sneaked up on it.)

Two regarding bastion (spoilerfree please)

-is it a good idea to avoid damaging the ash statues?

-if you don’t talk about a certain book to a certain person, will they get their hands on it anyway?

Monkeys aren’t donkeys!

Not technically a question, I realize.

Interestingly enough… Super Mario 64.

That’s odd, because the walkthroughs I just looked up said that getting 100% on all the levels in the world is what unlocked the bonus levels.

As I recall, you can take a fatal fall in Saints Row the Third but there’s no satisfying “splat” – you just hit the ground and die.

I feel like more often than not games will let you die from falling damage rather than fade out. Can’t say I’ve ever taken a tally, though.

Worse than horses, the chickens of Skyrim are apparently trained to report crimes to the authorities.

New challenge - kill every NPC in Skyrim including chickens and horses :smiley:

Actually this isn’t quite true - I had a chicken witness my Assassin’s Guild double kill and I had a bounty. Then I killed it and the bounty went away. Not sure if there’s a time limit or how it exactly works, but if you kill the only witness fast enough it seems to do the trick.

How would that work with Shadowmere? He’s a member of the Dark Brotherhood himself, so you think he’d be discreet. I’m going to test this next time I play my assassin character.

No splat, I think, but I do recall being inordinately amused by jumping off of tall buildings in various GTAs. (A game series which often manages to make being stupid hilarious.)

Whinny, whinny! NEIGH!*

*Translation from Equinian: Help, help, I’m being stolen!

Yeah, I had it happen more than once that it says last witness is killed, and the bounty is removed.

To kill an entire village and get away with it, you’d need a village with no essential characters (ones who can’t be killed).

Yes, in Skyrim your bounty is cleared if you kill the last witness, but it’s not always definite. I’m not sure how it’s affected by respawning enemies.

  1. I don’t think it matters. They’re dead anyway. (For a second, with all the Skyrim, I thought this was about Morrowind!)

  2. Memory is hazy, but I don’t think much matters throughout the game. You can make some choices towards the very end that will change your ending.

  3. Yes, the Scrap Musket is cool. Just throwing that out there.

…I now want a mod which lets stolen horses call in Twilight Sparkle and her friends to do battle with you…

Miyamoto has said that he used the word “donkey” to mean “stubborn.”

Except it doesn’t necessarily kill you. Though, when it does, the animation and evil laugh are pretty cool.

Here’s a question for Minecraft, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and every FPS-style game ever made: