Weirdest Slash References

Inspired by the Super Man Gayness thread, list the weirdest character references used in slash erotica.


You get the idea…

There was a Superman Gayness thread and I was not informed?!? (Actually, everyone knows Batman was the gay one, not Supes. Supes was just a really nice guy who really loved his mother.)

Kirk/Spock is not weird slash; it’s more like the gold standard of slash. Jughead/Archie - that’s getting a little further out there. Not that I’m any slash officionado or anything. The only slash I read is Brokeback Mountain slash.

Would Brokeback Mountain slash fiction involve Jack and/or Ennis having sex with girls?

I believe Goofus/Gallant slash has been mentioned on this board a number of times.

Here, for example.

From reading the thread, I get the impression that for writing hetero slash, I’m going to the particularly uncool and unfashionable section of Hell.

Ron Stoppable/Rufus the Naked Molerat

I don’t know if any such fic actually exists, but I’ve seen it mentioned.

Wesley/Worf (ST:TNG)

Snuffleuppagus/Big Bird

I feel so dirty for typing that.

Roadrunner/Coyote. That’s an old one.

I was about to mention Ender’s Game, but now there’s no point…


I’ve read Lenny/Carl (from the Simpsons) and it was actually amazingly well-done. Perfectly captured the surrealness that living in Springfield must entail and the hinted at relationship between them. There’s a whole archive dedicated to forgotten fandoms and “secret pairings” (many of them slash) and there’s some really interesting stuff there. Like Dr.Venture/Brock Sampson, Calvin/Hobbes, Archie/Sal (Nero Wolfe), Elijah Baley/R. Daneel Olivaw (Aismov robot series), etc.

If there’s a series, movie, book, comic with two males in it, somebody has probably slashed 'em…

I have read founding fathers slash, Mozart/Salieri slash, and Godzilla/Mechagodzilla slash.

Also, for people who have used the Japanese For Busy People textbook, there have been fanworks describing Tanaka-san and Sumisu-san having inter-cultural relations.

The only time I have failed to find slash for something that seemed ridiculous is that so far noone has written any Penn-on-Teller that I’ve been able to find.

What are you, some kind of pervert? :smiley:

I’ve seen Gilligan/Skipper slash.

Can imagine a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle orgy slash. (Bad joke: How does Shredder have sex? Very carefully)

It’s tricky, writing slashfic (or any story, for that matter) where one of the main characters has no dialogue. Think about it…would Penn be the one going, “OH baby! Don’t stop! Suck it harder!” or would he be going, “MMMMGGLLRRMMRRGLLMM!!!”

Teller stared up at Penn, and despite the ball-gag, handcuffs, candlewax, and buttplug making him weep with discomfort, Teller knew he would give his master anything he wanted, EVERYTHING he wanted, and told Penn so with the slightest cock of the head.

Wow, this is new to me, had to look it up :o

Anyway, not one that I have any idea whether it’s been done but I would propose M/Q (James Bond series).



As an exercise in “what’s the wierdest thing we can try to find on the internet” a group of my friends and I tried to find Godzilla/Godzuki slash. Thankfully we were unsuccessful.