How can we get this great show on TV? Its not on any channel except one recently which is just for some local channel.

Is there a way to get this on TV again?
Does anybody miss the Sweathogs as much as I do?

Same with Sanford and Son(tv land recently replaced that with bob newhart…why?)

Splu Urtaf

No. No one does. You’re alllllll alone on this one.

I wasn’t that impressed with the show the first time it was on.

I believe the revival of the '70s is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


spluurtaf–May Heaven strike you dead as a do-do before your sorry ass ever couples the twin concepts of “Sweathogs” and “Revival” again.

If you miss Travolta that much go watch Battlefield Earth. Thats just your kind of film. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wally

no no no. The best Travolta film, bar none, is PERFECT

Unless you can get lots of people who want it back on TV you won’t succeed. So start canvassing.
P.S. Count me out. I didn’t enjoy it much the first time around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t despair, Spluurtaf, I for one love that show. I saw it so much growing up that I know about every episode by heart. i want it brought back to TV, dammit!

Hey, I’m with you Splu, I’ll sign the petition. Of course I’ll probably have to break down and get cable to actually watch it.
I loved the SweatHogs. Which brings up a painful memory for me.
It’s 1978, Disney World’s Wonderful World of Water, or whatever it’s called. I’m swimming in the largest (at the time) outdoor pool in the world, swinging on that t-bar contraption, scaring the hell out of my mother. I get back to our table on the patio only to find out that my favorite Horschack t-shirt has been stolen!
Stolen, I say.
What kind of country are we living in?!?

i love that show. i wish it would be back on tv. travolta was really cute back then before he got old and fat. my brother can do a really dead on impersonation of horshack. (yeah, he is just that annoying)

Heres my Horshak story:
Years ago I worked in the Syracuse theatre company as a prop maker. I had heard Ron Palillo (aka Arnold Horshak) was in the current play appearing at the theatre. This intrigued me, as I was a huge fan of the showas a kid, and Horshak especially.
One day as I was coming into work, who do I happen to run into in the Prop room but good ol’ Mr Pallilo.
Friendly enough guy, rather smallish and effete, but a nice enough guy.
So he asks me for a smoke. I don’t smoke- can’t help him.
Small chit chat ensues and I look for my moment of confession.
A pause occurs, and I chime in: “When I was a kid, I used to own a pale green sweatshirt with your picture on it. Still have it somewhere, I’m sure.”
“Did you wear it?” He asks?
“Wear it? I lived in it.” I reply.
“Hmmm, too bad, otherwise it’d be worth a lot of money.”
“Oh.” I said.
Not really knowing what to say after that.

This was right about when Pulp Fiction had come out and I thought maybe I should ask him if he ever kept up with the SUCCESSFUL Sweathog, but then thought better of it.

Then we parted, never to meet again.

And THAT is my Horshak story.

I loved that show when I was kid. I even used to collect the bubblegum cards. I still remember some of the show-ending “uncle” jokes. I saw an episode the other day, which I remembered from its original airing, and it was complete crap. I’m beginning to think that Donny and Marie might not be the hip, multi-talented superstars that I once believed either.