Welcome back Rescue Me! I've missed you

[After 18 months, the new season of Rescue Me started last night, and as usual, didn’t disappoint.

Man I love this show. Highlights for me were Tommy’s cousin falling off the wagon, Tommy’s rant about the dog shitting in the pantry, and the probie sleeping with his daughter. I predict good trhings this season.]

Anyone else watching?

On my DVR…Tuesday night just got a bunch more TV busy with the return of Fringe and this show…

I’m a DVD watcher, so I’ll see it when it comes out on that. That show is amazing how it straddles the drama, wierdo sex, and comedy so well.

I didn’t remember it was on! It was around 10:30 when I realized I was missing something, so I checked the schedule and caught the 11:00 repeat.

Good episode. It was nice seeing Michael J. Fox on TV again.

Crap! I spaced out and missed both showings.

I’m hoping Tommy’s penis has a smaller role this season.

I’m pretty sure you can watch the show at Hulu.com. They carry new episodes for about a month or so.