Welcome deaganthewolf to the boards...

Well, I accidentally introduced my boyfriend to Straight Dope last time he came to visit me while I was up at school. Apparently he got addicted to the point where he actually gave in and got a username. I figured I might as well introduce you to him… but he’s probably not going to be a regular poster unless he gets silly with boredom a lot.
::Opens the door to the room and invites deaganthewolf to walk in::

<walks in> Hello. I’ll try not to say anything too stupid.

Well, it happens to the best of us… you * are* human, eh?

Ah, another member of the wolfkind! Welcome to the SDMB, DeaganTheWolf! Aaarrrrooo! :slight_smile:

I’m surrounded by wolves! Heeeeeeeelp!

welcome welcome come in come in can i get you a drink

A big welcome to DeaganTheWolf.
May your time spent here be both fun and educational. :slight_smile:


Hiya, DeagantheWolf. Welcome.

Please don’t eat me. :smiley:

Too late you, have said the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I am deeply insulted. Blargh
Seriously though, welcome.

::evil grin:: Nope, he won’t do that. That’s my job. (j/k) :wink:

Hey, DeaganTheWolf! Nice to meet…err…see your username!

Resisting the urge to point out double entendres since 1979

Next time you should be more careful Mirrored Indigo Shadows. Do you know how harmful accidental exposure the the Dope can be?

Now look what you’ve done. DeganTheWolf is infected.

So he’s infected. It was gonna happen eventually. Oh well. ::grins:: At least he’ll enjoy this “infection.”

::bump:: I swear, it’s the last time I’ll bump it.

Hey, I like the way you bump, grind, and shake it. :smiley:

Welcome, DeaganTheWolf, may all your howls be on topic.

Do not forget to pay the thread tax on each new thread opened. The hamsters have to eat, you know.