Welcome Dougs!


I get to welcome a newbie that I have introduced to the boards.

Welcome to the Dope Dougs!

[sub]I hearby make it known that I take full credit for his introduction following all his Witty and Amusing posts, however I wish to distanse myself from any Posts Made in Poor Taste. Thankyouverymuch[/sub]


Welcome Plural Dougs. Do you have many personalities?

Newbie? Me? I’m new here but I’m a veteran elsewhere.
I sent my first email in about 1980, routed my first IP packet in about 1983.

Only the one personality, but I present edited versions of it.

“Witty and Amusing posts”, she says. We’ll see.
“Posts Made in Poor Taste”, she says. I’ll do my best.

I’m an SF fan, a computer network engineer specialising in IP routing and firewalls, a poet, a fat guy with a beard.

Thanks for the welcome.

I wish to extend you Special Congratulations on that first email.
Of course Newbie here!

We Love You Already.

[sub]Especially if you follow through on the Poor Taste thing ;)[/sub]

Welcome, dougs! You need to encourage Euty to keep Teemings going so you can share your poetic endeavors with us. My husband is a fat guy with a beard, but his name isn’t doug and he doesn’t live in England, so, so, so I don’t know what my point is.

Welcome anyway!

Now available on CD: Doug.

Dougs… I know you. I do. I’m so proud!
does little dance

The Dope is a trés wonderful place.
I should know, I lurk.


Originally posted by loneraven

“Noli illegitimi carborundum.”[/QUOTE
Intelligo. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by loneraven

Intelligo. :slight_smile:

And here I was expecting a Far Side gag.

Howdy, dougs, and welcome aboard. That box over at the end of the bar? That’s where all your free time goes. We use it to feed the hamsters.

[sub]Hang about a while, it’ll all make sense.[/sub]

You have one of the most beautiful names in the world.