I'm new here

And I’ll introduce myself:
I recieved the first Straight Dope when I was in high school back in about, '81 and have read every book since!
I’ve turned many people on to the ways of Cecil.
I’ve searched the web for this site many times over the years and finally found it about 6 months ago.

There has been so much to read that until now, I was just a lurker.

Today’s the day I finally join.

Hope you all don’t get sick of me, because once I start adding my 2 cents everywhere, I’m hard to stop!
Of course, unless the moderators ban me!:wink:

little lighthouse


Well little lighthouse Welcome the wonderful world of the SDMB. I mostly lurk as well, so I can sympathise with you. :wink: These are a great bunch of people. I hope you enjoy your stay!

You’ll also learn quickly that I suck at spelling as well.

Gyan9 and TGWP~
thanks for the welcome!!

I suck and spelling too- I edit a lot! And my motto is: Bad spellers of the world untie!

I’m pretty new here too, little lighthouse, but welcome, welcome, welcome!

I welcome thee,little lighthouse.

Please make your location ‘by the great big bridge’.

Oh and welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard! Newbies are expected to buy the first round.

[sub]Heehee! They always fall for that one![/sub]

A warm welcome to you, little lighthouse. I look forward to reading more of your posts. :slight_smile:

Welcome little lighthouse.

What sort of plans have you made for getting [sup]BANNED[/sup]? That’s guaranteed to make you a permanent lurker.

[ul]:wink: [sup]Yeah, I know, you were just kidding.[/sup][/ul]

::elbows BlackKnight in the ribs::
[sub]Shhh!! Not if you giggle like a loon, they won’t![/sub]

Ahem Hi, little lighthouse. Sorry 'bout that ‘first round’ thing, but rules are rules. We’ve tried to get them to rescind that one, as it doesn’t seem fair to the new folk, but the Dictatorial Evil Mods Of Nazilike Sensibilities enforce it brutally. Nothing to be done about it. Make mine a Guinness, please.

Welcome to the playground. Ignore that nonsense about the first round. The only absolute is that you have to send me chocolate - the good stuff, not that cheap waxy junk. Then I will be your friend and your life will be filled with wonderfulness!


Hey there, little lighthouse - thrilled to meetcha! Hope you enjoy your stay. Here, I baked welcome cookies! Have one.


Oh, sorry about that.

Let’s see that’s some chocolates for FairyChatMom, a Guinness for Dijon… gee, did you guys see me coming or what!

Why yes, I am a mom and a waitress… HOW’D YA GUESS!!

At lease I got a cookie.

Thank you all for the lovely welcome- all the tap water you can drink- it’s on me!


Make mine a Big Rock… thanks.

Glad to have you—we are of an age, you and I…I graduated in '80. Lurk no more!

Welcome, Lighthouse. I’m new here, too.

Why does everybody bold pronouns here?


Welcome aboard, Little Lighthouse, glad to see yet another newbie.