"Welcome Home" Vietnam Series Trailer

This is well worth your while to watch. It’s ten minutes and depicts the recollections with actual footage of various Vietnam Veterans. It’s a trailer for a series set to debut in 2015. It also seems somewhat biased towards pilots (which isn’t a bad thing!) but it could just be the trailer.

Heroes don’t have wings, they wear dog tags!

Anyway, this is pretty touching and will really touch you if you were a Vietnam vet, knew someone whom was, or served yourself.


Oh man, glad it’s not coming out til next year. It’s gonna take my dad a year to get ready to be able to watch that.

Amazing heroes, the lot of them.

Those forward air controllers were really brave. Those planes they were flying to act as spotters were slooooow.

I have mixed feelings about this sort of endeavor. I see no point in dredging up all that past horror or reliving events that happened 50 years ago. People who are still suffering PTSD and dealing with amputations will not be helped by any of this. All the stones that could be thrown at people like McNamara and Johnson have been thrown; anybody who served there quickly realized what a fucked up mess it was, and most would just as soon forget it.

You know, I was thinking along similar lines, but evidently there’s enough people that still want to share their experiences, ensure people know the truth as well as enough people like my Dad, a two time vet that shared this with me, that will…well, not “enjoy” watching this, but perhaps will find some kind of release reliving their heartbreak and paying homage to their lost friends.

I think what’s easily overlooked is just how old a lot of these guys are now. My Dad is now 73. Perhaps that’s got something to do with it.

Missed the edit…plus also some of the stories are bound to be unique because rehashing the same old same old probably wouldn’t have got this project off the ground. For instance, the courageous acts of the FAC’s isn’t widely known to the layperson, I don’t think, so there’s bound to be some relevancy along those lines.

You’re right about a lot of that. Everyone’s experience was different over there. For me, as someone who was a REMF and only endured a fraction of the horror that some did, this series would be a popcorn event. For others, it would probably bring back the nightmares. I watched Platoon, FMJ, Apocalypse Now, We Were Soldiers, and Hamburger Hill multiple times, trying to get a sense of what front line troops were dealing with. I finally just stopped watching, as it just served no purpose.

I went from somebody who went to war because I thought I had no choice, hated hippies, and was baffled by the demonstrations and confrontations, to someone who has a deep and abiding malice for all those involved in getting us into that pointless mess. While good people died, and many died and risked their lives helping those who suffered unbelievably traumatic injury, in the end it was all just pointless carnage heaped upon gore, accompanied by the anguish of the survivors.

I will most likely not watch this series, as it will just make me angry all over again.