Welcome to Hate Week

National No Marriage for Gays Week is October 12 through October 18.

Of course, Dubya thinks marriage needs to be supported and protected. He’s been convinced by the Falwell Freaks and the Southern Baptist Brainfuckers that the Evil Homosexual Conspiracy is out to Destroy the Republic, and that the deviated preverts are going to revolt and Ruin the Christian Way of Life if they’re ever allowed to marry. He doesn’t realize that marriage is a personal union between two loving people who want to spend their lives together, and that it’s far better for a child to be raised in a loving household than a `traditional’ one without any hint of human kindness.

So, to curry the favor of sociopathic morons, he’s made his mark on a document that “encourages marriage” and “protects the welfare of children.” He’s soiled an otherwise perfectly good piece of toilet paper with his chimp scribblings, and now some Dopers I’ve grown to like and respect are going to feel even more marginalized.

But not to worry. He said that “we must continue our work to create a compassionate, welcoming society, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.” Obviously, he doesn’t mean for us to follow his precedent, and he intends for all Americans to instead accept their homosexual bretheren with the same respect they grant all other people.

Because it cannot be the case that he considers homosexuals to not be “people”.



I wouldn’t even rape Fred Phelps’ ass with Shrub’s dick.

These two need to be forcibly united, preferably with superglue.

We need a national “Three Cheers For Sodomy” week to make up for this fuck-headed piece of assholery.

I wish I could become a citizen of like, the Netherlands, just for a week. Starting on Oct. 12th. Because I like my country a lot of the time, but some other times I just want to weep.

But I can still get plastered in Vegas and marry a floozy who’s name I won’t remember in the morning, right?

If Dennis Rodman could, you can.

I still have yet to see anything coherent, logical and/or cogent about how, exactly, two people of the same gender being married harms two people of opposing genders being married. But then, I’m one of those heathens who isn’t satisfied with “It’s in the Bible” or “Because God says so”.

If GWB thinks marriage is sacred he ought to take a look at divorce rates.

What do you have to say to the 57% of Americans who agree with him?

That would, of course, be 57% of Americans polled who said they agree with him.

And I’d say the exact same thing, except I wouldn’t start “Mr. President”.

I wonder what percent of Americans, back in the 60s, approved of interracial marriages. I mean, we KNOW what the Bible said about THEM…:rolleyes:

I have no idea how the hell people can be so mean to other people who aren’t doing anything to them. I’ll just never understand that.

That’s fucking appalling.

I wish I were planning to spend money in the U.S. next week, so I could change my mind.

So I’ll just sit here and run this little fantasy number in my head in which every gay person, (and ally,) calls in sick for a week to stay home steadfastly holding on to their nickels.

Then see if we’re still uninvited to the party at the end of the week.

It’s even more embarrassing to be a Texan sometimes. I love Texas, but sometimes…

This is, perversely, a good thing (and I use the word advisedly).

Its like the old lefty line “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came.”

The Forces of Darkness have defined the whole issue around a meaningless phrase - “marriage”. I say, graciously submit. Acknowledge that the term has more meaning than it should, and accept it.

Back in dreadful days, MLK made a terrific joke out of the primal revulsion some white folks had about interracial marriage. He said something to the effect that he wanted to be the white mans brother, not his brother-in-law.

Ignore it. If it is mentioned, give it no more notice than you would a radical vegetarian protest to save the celery. Your enemies seek to frighten the people, the queers are going to get their babies. You have to pretend it makes no difference. They will win no converts, and you don’t need any.

It just makes me incredibly sad. Incredibly sad.

Lynn, just say the word and we’ll make you an honarary Californian.

We have the technology.

A person has to wonder how one single man of Shrub’s diminutive intellectual capacity can manage to embarass even a state so large as Texas, but somehow he nonetheless pulls it off. Does the little fuckwit know no shame?

After you get done wondering that, Zenster, you might consider how he further manages to embarass this entire fucking nation.

Heterosexually and otherwise;)

Hell, any damn fool can be a Californian! All you gotta do is move there!

There are three things there are not: an ex-Jew, an ex-Catholic and an ex-Texan. They all go right to the bone.

Furthermore, there will never be a “band name” to match Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys

Venceremos! And I’ll see you down on Ol’ Guadaloop!

AS an ex-Catholic, elucidator, I defy you to prove to me that I am what I am not:P

[sub]I’ll excommunicate myself right here, right now![/sub]

An ex-Jew goes down to the bone, but not the one you’re thinking of … the difference is only skin-deep;)

[sub][Foghorn Leghorn]That’s a joke, I say, son, a joke. It’s about circumcision. No need to get worked up, I say, it’s a joke, son.[/Foghorn Leghorn][/sub]

With Asscroft’s and Rummyfeld’s assistance, almost anything is possible. Quite the dream team, no?

Ten percent off the top.

LOL. Reminds me of a picture I saw online someplace. Photos of GWB taken during different speeches and what not, and next to each one was a chimpanzee in a similar pose.

I wish I had the cite for that one!

And one of the photos showed him with this dumb look on his face, and instead of a chimpanzee there was a monkey doll next to him. Earned him the nickname “monkey face” in my house.