Welcome to Hate Week

the very best thing we can to to purge ourselves of embarrassment by association is to elect Mr. Friedman our next governor.
vote early, vote often

While we’re on the subject, do you have to call him Mr President. Would I get in trouble if I called him Georgie-Boy? Would the Secret Service stomp and arrest me if I call him dickweed?

To his face, I mean?

spooje: Better yet, call him Georgie-Girl!

Anyway, the SS might stomp you, but you can rest assured that they’ll be in the wrong, legally. They’ll be crushing your skull, but they’ll be in the wrong. The President has no `official’ title, so the default of Mr. applies. Mr. President is simply a common referent, without the force of law.

It has long been my belief that the opinions of morons are not a concern. The fact that said morons seem to be in charge of the U.S.A. and having control of a large nuclear arsenal is causing me to rethink my position.

It’s also Marriage Equality Week so lobby your legislators on the correct side of this issue.

My legislator is the only open lesbian in Congress so I never get to lobby her on gay issues.

Right now you can—just get it done before National No Marriage for Vegas Floozies Week.

Author, author!

Your wish is my command.

Have you seen the pictues comparing the Pope with the Primate of Athens?

I hate Hate Week.

One more for ya, aryk29.

Thank you both, Zenster and Larry Mudd.

I’ve always referred to him as “George the Pretender,” myself.

This web page is one of those things that will seem reprehensible someday in the future. Sort of like photos of drinking fountains that say “COLOREDS ONLY”, a cache of this White House web page will viewed and marveled over.

“How could a bigot like this be elected President?” children will ask. It will be pointed out that it was a sign of the times; like Doghouse Reilly pointed out, it’s a bigotry that was common at the time.

Not to give this more attention than it deserves…but is there anyone out there doing a counter"week"? If I had some kinds of pins or stickers or something in favor of legalizing gay marriage, I would wear them that entire week, and hand them out to friends, letting them know exactly what the White House administration is doing in the name of our country.

Lily, I was intrigued by your question, so I looked into it. After hours and hours of tedious research, I was able to turn this up:


I swear I read this whole thread. Really really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally,I would say that they, and Mr. Bush should express their disapproval by steadfastly refraining from marrying a person of the same sex.

Much as I will refrain from marrying floozies in Las Vegas, even as I cheefuly allow others to do so.

I’ve been hearing some very arcane, practically metaphysical aruments cropping up lately. It seems they want to avoid the “God says so” argument, can’t really go with the Marriage is for Nurturing Children argument what with the hetrosexual marriages that don’t produce children (or don’t nurture them) and the growing number of gay marriages that do, and don’t want to admit the “ick” factor is probably the true basis of most peoples objections.

So apparently they base it on the idea that (if you didn’t know this) it is the union of a man and a woman that produces children. And this is a profound and beautiful thing. Ok, true enough. But therefore, apparently, any male/female union, including between those who can’t reproduce with each other, or don’t want to or, for that matter don’t even like each other, still recapitulates this mystical Ideal Form of Marriage. And same sex unions (even the ones that nurture children and involve love) well…don’t. Sorry. No mystic recapitulation there. So you’re shit out of luck.

'Cause it’s the mystic recapitulation that marriage that matters and not silly things like actual people and actual love…or actual children i guess.

So there you have. Hope that clears it up for you :rolleyes: .

Boy howdy, they’ll be sorry to know that sperm has been produced from stem cells. No wonder Shrub and his Flying Monkey Gang™ are doing their best to suppress stem cell research.

Guys, why couldn’t you have told me this Friday morning? I was off at an RG this weekend, and I have no doubt I could have found someone who’d be willing to marry for a week there, especially if it came with the usual marital privileges. Of course, some of them would have preferred a marriage for the duration of the RG.

I don’t get it. Two homosexuals who genuinely love, honor and respect each other, who genuinely want to spend the rest of their lives together are considered more of a threat to marriage than someone who’s getting divorced for the second or third time. Yeah, right. :rolleyes: Love your neighbor, yet tell them the desire to marry the person they love is immoral, and no, I’m not interested in hearing the usual incest, child molestation, bestiality counter arguments.