Welcome to Night Vale episode "Triptych" (the Strex Paradox)

If you’ve been following the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, you may have heard the episode “Triptych”, in which Cecil converses with three different versions of Kevin from Desert Bluffs…

In one of the pivotal moments in the episode, Past!Kevin asks Cecil how his fight against Strexcorp Synernists, Inc. ends up, did he win, did he lose?

So, did Cecil perform a disservice to Past!Kevin by lying to him about his fate?
If P!K knew of his fate in Cecil’s timeline, as a fully absorbed/assimilated Strex drone and utterly brainwashed into worshipping the Smiling God, would he have fought against Strex even more fiercely?
Did assuring P!K that he would win/prevail against Strex make P!K perhaps not fight as effectively, because someone from the future told him that he would win?
Or would it make no difference at all, as Strex would have probably won anyway?

If you were in Cecil’s place, would you have told P!K the truth? Or lied as Cecil did?