Welcome to Obama, Japan

Story here. The noble citizens of Obama, Japan, 400 kilometers west of Tokyo, are all in a tizzy at the prospect of someone with the same name as their town poised to become a US president. “Obama” apparently means “small beach” in Japanese. The town may even send a delegation to the inauguration.

Talk about a tourist windfall!

Heh, so he’s turning Japanese! :smiley:

He’s covering ALL the voter demographics!

I really think so.

So we’ve been wrong all along. He’s not an Ay-rab terr’ist he’s a yella’ squinty eyed Jap in disguise. They’s even named a town after him. Crank up the talking points, we’ve got him now.

He’s a member of the Japanese CommunIslamic Jihad, Arab Division, obviously. And he’s a gay man who wants to screw white women, then abort the resulting babies.

Yesterday’s Chicago Tribune featured a Japanese comedian/entertainer who does an Obama impression as part of his routine, and apparently he’s pretty good at it all things considered. He came to Chicago to get more of a feel for the man, got a same-style haircut from the Senator’s barber, etc. The capper to the article was that the guy ended up in the front row at an Obama appearance, and at the end, Sen. Obama was shaking hands with people up front, and noticed the resemblance while shaking hands, doing a pointing fingers back and forth thing when he realized the guy doesn’t really speak English. Meanwhile, the comedian’s head was pretty much exploding out of sheer joy and excitement.

That’s just wrong.
He wants to overrun the country with *his *half caste babies and abort yours.

Meet your new White House Press Secretary: