Welcome to Plodchat

Plodchat is for us who are not dexterous (mentally and/or physically) enough to feel comfortable in a real chat room. Sorta like training wheels. It’s not a place for deep thoughts or long discussions, like a regular thread. Just chat at a slower pace. It was based on a suggestion by Anti Pro, so blame her if you think it’s stupid. :wink:

So, how’s the weather where you’re at? (a standard, non-commital start for any conversation)

My dogs are snoring so loud I can hardly think.

Excellent idea!!
The weather here is dark. I’m expecting increasing lightness until dawn. The temps are great though, until next week. We are anticipating 110 by Wednesday!

Hi, drop and dragonlady! Here it’s been raining, pouring actually, for most of the day. It’s quite dark outside now, but I am expecting a slight lightening of the sky around dawn. Or more of the pouring rain. Which, in light of the drought we’ve been in, is nothing to complain about. Temps have been in the mid to upper 80’s during the day, with the rain <otherwise, we’d be up into the high 90’s as usual>, and down to the low 70’s at night.

Cool idea! I’ve never been in a chat room before.

It is very dark here and the TV keeps showing the same programs over and over.

Typical Northwest Spring going on in my neck of the woods–sunny one minute, raining the
next. We don’t hit summer until late July. But October–now there’s a month with good

Whoa–I was boring myself there for a minute.

Hmm, we’ve done weather, I guess sports is next. How about those Giants? Really knocked
the M’s around tonight. And Steve Young–he’s going to retire! I’ll mss him, but I do think
it’s for the best, he’s got to think of his health, and the Niner’s need a quarterback who they
can count on to make it through the season. Go Pacers!! ( I don’t follow basketball, but I hate
the Lakers on principle).

What a conversationalist!

It’s hot now. The sun’s out but it’s clouding over. The dogs are snoring outside.

Okay, weather may not be the best topic for a thread that gets streched out this much. Sports might be better, but I’ll be out of here soooooo fast!

I know. We can start talking about other people! But nothing bad, I hope, or UncleBeer might get nasty. Maybe we should tell him about that French guy who has stolen hin name. I know it can’t be Unc because nobody’s supposed to have multiple logins.

The weather here is pretty nice. For the first day in a week, it’s warm out but not miserably hot. I got up and took a run this morning, and it was pleasant.

'Course, none of this matters, since it’s Saturday and I’m working, not out enjoying the weather. Damn job.

We’re not talking about weather anymore?

Damn, I guess you guys don’t want to hear about the fire falling from the sky, the frogs and the locusts then.

So who are we gonna talk about?

Generally small talk proceeds from talk of the weather, to sports, then to "where do I know you
from?’ (awkward online), then to bragging about (choose one): job, killing in stock market, spouse
or significant other, kids/grandkids, boat/car or high school/college alma mater.

Discussion of other people, like sex, politics and religion, come much later. Not that I’m trying to be
a conversation nazi, just trying to be helpful.

You know, I just got recognized at work. Yep. Boss announced to the whole staff what a good
job I did with the Willis case–a doozie that several others had dropped the ball on. Gonna be
in the paper and everything. So, how’s work going for you?
Oh, and lying is always acceptable at this point in the conversation. Not that I lie, of course, but
it is proper.

Weather here just great. The boardwalk is crowded. Tourist are here. Spend that money, pay my taxes… Welcome, and come back next year… Oh, gas is now $1.52. I’ll check it again tonight…

I was recognized at work earlier today too. I was having a cigarette when a co-worker saw me and said, “Hey, I know you, aren’t you Jim’s brother-in-law?”

And I said, “Yes. Yes I am.”

Other than that, it’s been the same-old, same-old at my job. Research, research, then some testing, then some more research. Oh well, I better get going if I want to solve this cold fusion thing by quitting time.

Any fine ladies wanna cyber?

Oh, sorry. I was in my Sex_mAsTer_696969 mode.

Plod chat Rules! (Can we go home now? This is too tiring.)

Let’s see…what else can we talk about? Hey, Seale, be careful! I would, sounds like fun, but we’re both taken IRL, so that wouldn’t be a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

GBS, hi! How are you doing, my friend? Say, did you hear about that sale down at the new french store, Che Target? What about the rest of you ladies?

BratMan, of course, I want to hear. Talk to us! And, about the cold fusion thing. <whispers, I hate to tell you, but it was solved, see the movie The Saint> :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s right now pouring buckets of rain. It also got very, very dark here, I had to turn on some lights. ::Shivers:: I just love thunderboomers, don’t ya’ll?

Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot that Hollywood solves most major scientific conundrums. I guess I’ve been wasting my time all these years when I could’ve just spent $3 at Blockbuster and watched The Saint. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s too late now, cuz we’ve finished that, so everyone can expect clean, safe, efficient energy from now on. Our new project is this perpetual motion machine. We’ve got one going and ready for packaging and shipping, but it’s so big it’s dangerous to get near it while it’s moving and no one can figure out how to turn it off.

Sounds cool to me, BratMan. And, I’m still waiting to hear about the fire raining down from the sky and the frogs and all…
And, Brat, my dear. If you turn it off, it won’t be the perpetual motion machine any more. Just in case you hadn’t figured that part out yet. :wink:

Sale, did you say sale??? Be right there PB…

Hey, who’s the mad scientist here, you or me? We have to be able to turn it off in case of emergency! Do I have to supply all the answers?

And there’s nothing to the fire and locusts and the frogs. A bunch of shit fell from the sky. My hair should grow back after the skin grafts are complete. The End.

GBS, let’s meet at that store in the morning, first thing. Any others want to join us? Guys can come too! <But, you have to promise to not run through the store, and behave yourselves, or no treat afterwards>

Brat, of course! How utterly silly of me not to think of that! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m so sorry to hear about your hair, here’s a hug for you. {{{{{{BratMan007}}}}}}

Will be there PB. Let’s call VB, I know he would like to come. Tell him that lunch is on me…