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I’m a long-time lurker, and a small-time poster who just returned from Spring Break. I am feeling more than a little bit shell-shocked at what has happened this past week. I’m sorry to bring this back up, but I am upset by what I’ve just read through and want to comment.

It looks like several of my favorite posters will no longer be contributing. What can I say? Melin and MajorMD were 2 posters who I thought did a lot to fight ignorance. We will all learn less without them. Purplecrackwhore and kellibelli did a lot to make MPSIMS what it is. We will all laugh less because of their absence.

The new rules and the limits on Pit posts ought to make everyone sit up and take notice. It looks like the administrators no longer care to pretend that their decisions will be fair. And there will be fewer posters who care more about fairness than their own popularity to speak out for those unfortunate enough to run afoul of the new rules.

This board will be a poorer place because of this.

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Not quite sure I understand this, but I suppose I stand opposite of what you are saying. That is - I care more about fairness than my popularity. Hopefully,(and this is my optimism) those good posters of which you mentioned will realize they can do more to help others by coming back. In the meantime we shall strive to be . . .or perhaps simply try to be, as wonderful to this community as they once were.

I feel lucky to have come into this board when I did, I was priveleged to see some “vets” at work. We can all use their example.

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