Well, I'm drunk.

I rarely drink alcohol. But tonight we went out for Mexican food and I had two ‘Cadillac’ margaritas (José Cuervo and Grand Marnier). Definitely feeling it. Mrs. L.A. made ma e rum/orange juice/grenadine drink (but I know she made it light on the alcohol).

As I said, I rarely drink. But it’s interesting once in a while.

Mr. L.A., I am shocked, I tell you.:slight_smile:
Enjoy tonight for tomorrow will most likely be painful.

Curiously, I’m not.

As long as I sleep all night and have my pot o’ joe in the morning, I’ll be fine. :wink:

I was just reading about the classic three-martini lunch. (There is also the Japanese equivalent.) Now I have seen people excuse themselves and go home because a couple of glasses of wine with lunch went to their head and they couldn’t keep working, and was wondering whether you have to drink at these occasions? What if, for whatever reason, you can’t or won’t?

Whew. For some reason, my first instinct was that this was one of the board alcoholics who were admitting they screwed up and got drunk again. Glad it’s just someone who just rarely gets drunk.

Hope it’s a fun drunk, and low to no hangover!

Mrs. L.A. is saying I should go to bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

lightweight…… let me know when its two boxes of premixed curevro margarita and a bottle of black velvet

I couldn’t even smell tequila for years after that one

I also learned its possible to wake up still drunk ……

Cue the “Wah-wah” music…

In the comics, social butterfly Bruce Wayne acts like he’s thiiiiiiis close to being an alcoholic by showily knocking back glass after glass of ginger ale.

Mr. Pescado, I am shocked, I tell you.:wink:

It’s early…

Ah, yes. The technique of the King of Sweden at the Nobel Banquet, as related by Richard Feynman. (Has to be arranged with the waiter.)

Yeah, well…

I like alcohol. Only, I never think to drink any. I fell asleep on the couch. I may go to bed at nine tonight.

Whoa there buddy. Don’t go crazy now.

I am not drunk. I wish to remedy the situation.

Maybe I’ll actually sleep tonight. Unless Mr. Howl wakes me up in the morning, the bastard!

Sorry, you’ve just been turned down for the job of new Dos Equis spokesman. :frowning:

I’m nursing my second Disaronno Sour.

I love to drink, been doing it over 50 years and am getting pretty good at it. :eek:

Eh… Staying at my 89 nine year old mothers house tonight. I drive a hundred miles to come and help here every other weekend. Groceries, drain sprinkler system - household stuff. We have had fun. Asked each other Trivial Pursuit questions.

Just loaded 5 audio books onto mom’s computer, and I need to show her how to use that. She is house bound, and going blind. Macular Degeneration. I think she will like the books.

10 inches of snow at my house today, but my Wife made it up the driveway. Tomorrow is gonna start real early.

Oh. And I’ve had 4 really good German Dunkels. Couple of Keystone Lights too. Not particular really, as you can see.

Well, those two 20 oz. margaritas and a pint of the rum drink has tided me over for a while.