Well it's official, I'll be leaving soon

Well guys it’s been fun, I’ve really enjoyed al the time I’ve spent here, and I’m going to miss you.

It’s been obvious for quite sometime that my company would be going under or bought out. Well now it’s a pretty done deal, and soon I’ll be unemployed. As my employer provided my Internet service, and it was turned off a few days ago, until I find a new provider I’ll be without. As near as I can tell Tuesday will probably be my last day at work, though I might be gone as soon as today. It depends on how masochistic I’m feeling I suppose.

I hope to be back within a month, but until I get another job, I won’t be signing up for a new Internet provider. Don’t worry too much about me. I have some savings so the family will be fine for a least a couple of months, and then there’s unemployment too.

Ok I’m starting to ramble. I just wanted to say bye, before I get cut off.
Take care


good luck and godspeed, stuffy. you and i are fellow oaktowners. hope to see you back soon.

best of luck to you.

we’ll leave a light on for your return.

Take care - and pop into a library once in a while to post an update, if you get the chance…

I’m not gonna worry about you Snuffy, you’re a good guy and good guys always come out on top! I know 'cause that’s the way all the movies and TV shows work.
And anyone who speaks Boomhauer can find work at any mumblestore.

Thanks everybody. I’m not too woried, and like I said I’d been sort of expecting it, so I’m pretty ok about it, I’ll check in as soon as I’m able. Thanks for the Library suggestion Fairy Chat Mom

Until then. Best of luck.

Not european movies though so Snuffy, if you decide to move to France, make sure and cultivate your evil side.
Good luck on the job hunt, or are you rich enough to retire?

Be back soon, ami! Good luck to you.

Best of luck, Stuffy. I’ll miss your posts.

WHAT is WRONG with you??? Food is optional, bugger the roof-over-the-head routine…the ONE essential in life is an internet connection to allow ready access to the real ‘staff of life’…US DOPERS! (that’s US by the way, not the U.S. dopers specifically, although they seem like a pretty decent crew. They can’t help where they were born :smiley: )

So get your priorities right Stuffy, and get your arse back here real quick!