Well, shoot!

I saw this being used on the net recently by someone from the USA. On a swearing scale (10 being unmentionable to even your best friend and 1 for words like bother!) where does this fit in? The words used were something like: Well, shoot. I didn’t mean you to do all that.

It’s the PG version of “shit.”

Oh, and on the scale - it’s a 1.

Dag, man.

I love these “PG” versions of swear words. My best friend’s brother is eight, and his brother and sister, who are both in their late teens, are trying their best to moderate their language. This has led to gems such as “rollocks” and “you witch!” and my personal favourite, “oh, shine a light!”

You bits!!!

Oh, fudge!


Oh phenobarbital anyway.

My 12 year old says TARTERSAUSE when she gets "miffed"miffed = mad/upset

She got it off Sponge Bob:D


Here in 'bama, some people say “shucks”, just like Gomer Pyle! Try it, it’s fun!
We use “tip top” for fcked up. If it’s really bad and it’s adults only in the room, it is "tip fucking top".
I give “oh, shoot” a rating of .05. But I could stand a little soap in the mouth every now and then. Did that ever happen to anyone? My mom would make me put it on my toothbrush and scrub away. Worked, too, until I moved out…:smiley:

and what about “holy smokes” what’s up with that?

My mother uses the phrase, “that scared the peadiddle out of me!” It’s cute as a button.

“Maffle frackin blickle prat!”

That’s my Yosemite Sam cursing.

Dog gone it!!!

(Brought to you by the god-fearing people of South Mississippi.)

Dagnabit ! :eek:


wow, this is like watching the network freindly version of “Goodfellas”

When I was younger and my mother wouldn’t let me swear around her, I’d curse people out by telling them to “Go defenestrate yourself!” Caused a lot of puzzled looks and hopefully a little enlightenment…