Well, since we're all talking about new hairstyles.....

I’ve been thinking of cutting my hair too. It currently is about chin length, and wavy at the ends. My current color is a medium brown. (For a picture, see the pics from the Raleigh gathering on my site.)

I’m thinking of getting it cut REALLY short. Like Katie Couric short. Or…just something where I don’t have to style it. My hair is really thick, so I don’t like having it long, and I suck at styling it. Any suggestions? HELP!

I found this site:


Some of the styles are kind of goofy. I also wondered why they separated styles by hair color. What difference does it make?

You could always buy one of those fashion/beauty/makeover CDs from the cheap bin at the software store and try different styles out on yourself before you commit to something. I’ve heard they work pretty well.


Try this site out, its free and easy. It lets you try one different styles and colors.

One caveat about those: make sure you find a style that goes with your hair type.

We’ve had people come in with pics of them done by computer in the style they want only to find it’s not doable. Example: someone with really fine hair and hardly any of it wants a style for someone with a lot of thick hair. Someone with wavy hair that’s wants a style that won’t work with wavy hair, no matter how much time they are willing to work with it in the morning. You get the idea.

I learned this last week Falcon.

Wife told me to get haircut for kid.

I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some car wax and a new garden hose.

Saw that Wal-Mart had haircut and styling place next to Baskin Robbins and One Hour Quickie Photo Booth. (Ignored this warning sign)

Figured, why make two stops when one will do? (Second fatal assumption)

Put the Kidpony in first available “stylist”, popped next door to scam out what Baskin Robbins had to offer.

Stylist gave Kidpony haircut similar to how aliens wear their hair on Deep Space Nine.

I attempt to cover mistake with new Atlanta Braves baseball hat, on sale at Wal-Mart kid’s section. This feeble attempt is easily detected by Mrs. Bluepony, who can sense something not right about her son from a distance of over one thousand nautical miles.

Mrs. Bluepony launches into vicious rant upon seeing her butchered offspring. Rant begins with, YOU TOOK OUR SON TO WAL-MART FOR A FREAKIN’ HAIRCUT?..(rest of rant deleted and edited for good taste)…my head begins to hurt and I pray for sudden asteroid shower…

To top it off, I forgot to get the freakin’ garden hose

Falcon—It all depends on your bone structure. Can you find a stylist you can TRUST for a consultation? That’s what I’m going to do re: color.

Falc, I’ve given your new hairstyle a lot of thought (though I AM straight!) and, seeing your picture, I would go with a Bob. Back me up on this, Eve; wouldn’t she look just adorable with a Colleen Moore and the little pointy C-shaped curls in front of her ears?

Ach, shave it all off. I had my head shaved for five years (sometimes peroxide, sometimes its natural red) and it was great! No styling, so cheap on haircare products!
I even got married with it shaved, tho’ my mother threatened to nailgun my veil to my scalp.

I work in a store now so have to look responsible, so live vicariously through encouraging others to have stupid hairdos.

Bluepony - that is probably the best reason for locking up your gun I ever heard!

Bluepony, thank you for reminding me why, if I get married and have kids, I will NEVER let my husband take them to get their hair cut.

And Eve, I do ahve a stylist I trust. She gave me my current haircut to hide my perm growing out. (Another bad episode in Amy’s hair…I looked like a friggin’ poodle…) So I head to see her next Friday. Hopefully it’ll work out…

Well, time to bump this up, since I got my hair cut…


looks good!

Is it really low maintenance? When I get my cut short I have cowlicks so bad I spend a half hour with gel trying to tame it.

Very low maintenance. My hairstyles have to be, I refuse to spend forever with a blowdryer in the morning. It takes about…15 minutes with a blowdryer to style. Most of that is just drying it, since my hair’s so thick. The actual styling is 3 minutes or less.


Love the hair, and the tattoo! Very, very cool.

Falcon–you look mahhhvelous! What a great style. It really frames your eyes nicely! (How utterly cool to see what people look like! I have to find more pictures of people!)

That’s a good style for you, Falcon. BTW, whenever I go to get my haircut (I typically get a new style every three or four months) I just ask the hairstylist to cut it different. I make sure not to go to Wal-Mart to get it cut though. That would be a big mistake. I make sure to get it cut at a place where I feel comfortable.


Falcon I like the new hairstyle. It’s very becoming.

Another bump—decided against coloring my hair after all. Too much in the way of money, time and scalp damage (my hair grows so quickly I’d need double-process touch-ups every three weeks).

So I will just stay a sultry brunette like Hedy Lamarr, Jackie O and Theda Bara.