Well, the girls got me a kitten for Father's Day...

Imagine my surprise. He’s a small white male medium-hair. He was the sick, last-of-litter at a flea market Lady Chance was at with the girls while shopping for my present (which tells you where I normally rate!).

Back in the mists of time I had a fairly dumb white cat named ‘Dixie’ who bonded with me like glue for whatever reason. Since this one came to me on the frigid side of the line I decided to call him ‘Mason’.

He’s already beat up the dogs and established his place. He’ll fit in just fine, I think.

Pic One.

Pic Two.

He’s so cute!

Pic 1: They seem to be regarding him with a mixture of fear and adoration.


I dunno - the dog on the left seems to be thinking, “Oooh, a battery-operated plaything!”
I hope he doesn’t grab Mason in his mouth and fling him around.

Cute critters, all around.

What a cute little fuzzball! All poofy and soft. I love little kitties. :slight_smile:


Looks like he’ll be a long hair.

Cute little kitty. Cute dogs too. Is that a Greyhound and a Wippet? Funny how dads often get things as presents that other people want for themselves. I’ve been wanting another dog lately, hmmmmm.


The Girls got themselves a kitten for Father’s Day, you only got Poo Cleaning Privilages.


That’s a greyhound and an Italian Greyhound (which was also somewhat of a surprise to me. That’s my life.

He’s a cute, if somewhat vicious, little kitten. He had both pink eye and kennel cough when he came home. Putting those eye meds in has been an armor-purchasing trial.

Pink eye? Are you sure he isn’t an albino?

I get more pictures to put in my screensaver file this way, I tell ya…

One day my boss is in my office, and we’re talking when my screensaver kicks in. He’s always distracted by it, I see him watching it scroll through the 800 something pictures there. Several are of Doper-cats, not all mine. One day he says to me “geez, how many cats do you have?”

He thought all the critters were mine.

Nice choice. And he’s very cute!

Man, every time a Doper posts a cute kitten picture here, I have a moment of weakness. It’s how some women get when they get a whiff of that new baby smell and it sets their hormones all a-flutter. Then I remember the four Cats from Hell I already have at home (and the dog, and the fish, and the shrimp, and the snails, and the hermit crabs) and reality sets in once again. But still, for that brief moment, I want another kitten.

But now that you mention it, it is father’s day. I could get my dad one and grant myself unlimited visitation. To think I was going to buy him beer … :smiley:

(It goes without saying, of course, that Mason is absolutely adorable.)

So that’s what happened to the dryer lintball I dropped the other day. Huh.

Oh, he’s so CUUUUTE!

And your dogs are gorgeous too.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a cutie!

Wonder what Mr. SCL would say if I got him a kitten for Father’s Day? Especially since the only thing he is father to is the 8 cats we already have…

No, that’s called bonding. I was adopted by a stray kitten once, he became the poster child for the American Veterinarian Parasite Foundation (AVPF). It was a wonder that little guy could even stand up with all the bugs living on and in him! What a lucky little white fluff ball you have.

You just filled my day with a nice big “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”

Thanks! He’s a cutie! :smiley:
And cat beating up dog… bonus points!

If you’re still having trouble giving Mason his drops, try wrapping him in a towel so only his head peeps out. We’ve done that with our cats when we had to give them medicine.

The dogs look concerned. I think they need therapy to deal with this new fuzzball overlord.

Shutthefuckup. That’s one cute kitten!