Well, what are you waiting for? Get the hell outta here!

Christian Exodus

Say bye-bye now! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

But really, wouldn’t this solve everything? Let the fundamentalists found their own nation-state, and leave the rest of us (that includes rational Christians, people of other faiths, and nontheists) alone. Hate to sacrifice a state that has such nice scenery, but oh well, it’s for progress. We can even have amicable relations with South Christolina, just so long as they all stay on their own side of the border. Of course, we will grant asylum to any and all non-wackjob South Carolinians who wish to escape their oppressive government. It’s the American thing to do.

So yeah, who wants to help the Christian Exodus cause? They’ve got my support!

Damn those Christians and their logic :dubious:

Haven’t read much but South Caroline appears to be only a tentative suggestion (“to a sovereign State like South Carolina”). Who knows, perhaps they end up heading for, say Pennsylvania.

South Carolina has more than its share of oppresively poor who live in hovels and cannot afford to move. Wishing this on them is cruel to the extreme. The American thing to do is to have courage and exercise vigilance. At least, it used to be.

What are you doing in the southern US, Liberal? This is very confusing. Aren’t you supposed to live in New Hampshire?

Asylum seekers would be provided a relocation stipend and hooked up with a job upon defection to the Godless States of America. We’d also sponsor humanitarian missions into SC, so we can provide aid, comfort, and sanity to those people trapped there.

They’d never found their nation in Pennsylvania; just look how sinful Philadelphia is! And it’s only a few hours away from NYC, which is the sin capital of the world after Las Vegas and San Francisco. Although there are parts of western PA that wouldn’t be averse to the Christian Exodus setting down roots here.

Maybe God isn’t really on your side of the fight…

Thank you, no. The Yankees are a bit too barbaric for my taste.

Check their message board. These people are nuts.

What’s this “we” shit, Kimosabe? I hope you mean volunteers; otherwise, I’ll be inclined to work underground for the Exodus. At least a man can still sin in private, but no man can survive the Pickpocket Pirhannas.

That would be thew a priori assumption (backed up with extensive evidence, of course).

I do love the way that they “cite” three cases involving school prayer while ignoring the fact that the judiciary came down on their side of the argument in the two elementary school cases and in the high school case, the judge is quoted entirely out of context.

More examples of Nine Commandment Christians. (Prohibitions against bearing false witness will be suspended until we can establish God’s country.)

shrug I’m as much a “liberal-pinko socialist-commie” as the next godless heathen, but I for one, wish them the best of luck. Hell, I’ll personally offer to help pack up any Texans wishing to move to the United State of Jesus.

Those poor S. Carolinans.

Way to fuck up a state people.

But hey, the plus side to all this is at least people from Arkansas will have somebody to make fun of now…


Heh…so I was reading their message board…um…wow. My IQ dropped about 30 points after only 15 minutes of reading.

Maybe they should set their sights on Rhode Island. They could overrun that state in a couple of days.

Hmmm, don’t some of the white supremacists on Stormfront.org advocate separatism as well? Would their state border North Christolina? How many different countries do we need, anyway?

At the very least, I suggest that to keep the peace we may need to break this country down at least as far as:


New Pepsishire

Windows Island




Aw, hell, it’s too complicated. How 'bout this: “One individual, one sovereign state”? Yeah, that’s the ticket. That way everyone could grow up to be President. Think of all the intreresting designs for currency!

Twenty years from know, Og willing: “Welcome to El_Kabongia. Please show your passport to the nice lady, and deposit your tribute in the bin provided. Enjoy your stay in my guest bedroom.”

Highly amusing, but by their own admission, Evangelical Christians are losing.

From the website:

That apparently comes from

Yeehaw! Us godless heathens are winning the fight against the red states!

Actually (and thankfully), you are not.

Don’t these people believe in suffering for their faith, piety through pain and whatnot. South Carolina is far too cozy a state for them to be able to adequately prove themselves.

Let’s give 'em Alaska.

Give 'em Guam.