Welp, looks like the pandemic is over in Arizona

I’m very sorry, and hope your husband recovers.

Its a shame Arizona’s vaccines are going to waste when there are other states that actually use them.

And countries, like India. And whole continents, like Africa.

Yep. Sadly, if Biden were to take the going-to-spoil vaccinations away from Arizona to give to those furners riots would happen. People are upset that illegal aliens are getting vaccinated and those are the folks who clean our toilets (well, our housekeeper is 'merican, but you get what I mean).

That does make me wonder if that might be exactly the type of conspiracy theory to spread, though. Maybe if people think Biden is going to take them away if they don’t use them, perhaps it would inspire them to get vaxxed to screw the libs and the foreigners/illegals.

Hmm, I’m sure my state is vaccinating anyone who shows up, “ID requested but not required”, with the intention of vaccinating undocumented immigrants. As you say, they clean our toilets, serve us food, and interact with citizens in many ways. I’m hopeful that as many of our residents as possible get vaccinated, whatever their legal status. That’s enlightened self interest on my part.

(I also hope the US releases more vaccine to the rest of the world. Not just because their lives matter, too. But again, my self interest: The more people who get vaccinated, the fewer will be growing exciting new variants.)

It’s just freakin’ common sense. I don’t get why anyone would deny basic public health to someone who handles their food, from growing and picking to cooking and serving. It would make no sense whatsoever to deny these people good health.

I guess some folks would be OK with forbidding their waiter from washing his hands after having a dump as well. Just so that they can feel better than the “underserving”. Stupid twits.

FWIW - When I signed up for my vaccine, I didn’t give any identifying information other than my name and date of birth, and no checked my ID at any point in the vaccine process.

We don’t want to take the chance that somewhere, someone will get something they aren’t entitled to, do we? Lots of dogs and lots of mangers out this way.

Totally different topic, but illegals are not entitled to prenatal care BUT as soon as that baby is born its a citizen and entitled to medical care to fix any defects caused by the lack of prenatal care. Dogs and mangers, dogs and mangers.

Dog in the manger for you younger folks who had to grow up with public education.

Let’s remember that it’s the Conservatives mainly who insist that a human being is a human being from the moment of conception and immediately entitled to all the rights and privileges thereto pertaining. Someone should point this out to them.

Ohhhh, such a tempting hijack but I’m trying to be good for a while.

Back to topic…ain’t none of us gonna be safe until all of us are safe also isn’t a theme song heard in Arizona often. The pandemic is over, COVID was never a thing, its just a bad flu, etc. etc.

What it will be annoying as an Arizonan, but fascinating as a historian, is how it turned out that many of the smarter Republicans insisted in conversations with opponents (even in the SDMB too) that Trump and other leaders were not saying that the corona virus was a hoax, they supported that by pointing out that Trump actually declared then that the hoax was about what the Democrats were saying about how ineffective Trump was dealing with the pandemic.

So, why the furshlugginer idea that the virus was/is a hoax remains among many Republicans?

The annoying and fascinating thing is that there was really double talk going on, some appeased many smart Republicans, but other sources of info (not much countered by the leaders of the Republicans) produced also a mess of misinformation that followers of Trump swallowed and used to then insist that covid was/is a hoax anyway. :man_facepalming:t4:

And now the smarter Republicans seem to never feel worried about how the misinformation (offered also by Trump himself too) was what made the situation worse, but they will continue to tell themselves that they should be quiet and not bother to correct what the misinformation media is doing to their peers and family members.

They’ll just put in *Except anchor babies, the same way they except rape and incest.