Welsh folk song.

I recently downloaded a Welsh folk song called “Cwm Rhymni.” It’s absolutely beautiful, and I’d love to learn the words, but it’s a bit hard to follow in some places. Does anyone know where I could possibly find the lyrics? If I could just SEE the letters, I’d be able to decipher the song, I think.

I also have some other Welsh/Gaelic folk songs…they are absolutely beautiful…makes me want to learn the languages…

So how’s it going, Nocturne?

All those Welsh hits on Google were making me dizzy. Too bad Babelfish doesn’t have Welsh translations.

At this page, about 3/4 down, is an English version of The Giant of the Rhymney Valley. Just a guess, but it could be the same story. Here’s part of it:

Not quite what you’re looking for, but maybe it’ll help you find it.

Thanks, dqa. I tried looking it up on Google as well. No such luck. I got a headache.

I’m not sure exactly what it’s saying…I’ve figured out some of the notes though, so I can probably play the melody eventually…I’ll just approximate the words if I perform it here…not many people on campus know Welsh, anyway. :wink:

Where did you find the song, Nocturne? Sounds like it would be right up my alley.

Is this, by any chance, the same song that was anglicized and popularized by the Byrds under the title “The Bells of Rhymney”?

Beadalin: I found it on Audiogalaxy. I’m learning how to play it on mandolin so I can perform it next semester for an open mic night.

astorian: It might be. I’ll check on that. Thanks.

Funny you should mention that, boyo. Lookie what Google have in beta:


Feelin’ sheepish…bah …

I should qualify that by saying, at the moment, it’s just a Welsh language search engine but who knows…

astorian: It’s not even close. The Byrds’s song sounds like it’s in a major key; “Cwm Rhymni” is most definitely in a minor key, somewhat reminiscent of “Greensleeves” and that ilk.

There’s a song called Cwm Rhymni on a 1992 CD entitled The Best Of Welsh Folk Music.

It’s the third one down on this Sain Record Company Page.

According to a representative of Sain, the song was written by Idris Davies. The performing band Penderyn are no longer recording, and Sain has no contact address for anyone connected with it. Sain has no lyric for the song.

The Idris Davies factor is interesting, because the Byrds song Bells Of Rhymney is credited to Davies and Pete Seeger, yet this song is completely different to Cwm Rhymni according to your good self.

It seems like Idris Davies, far better known as a poet, may have written two songs about Rhymni. This is by no means unlikely since he hailed from Rhymni himself.

I’ve tried ‘buy’ the CD (Sain CD2006) at the aforementioned site but it won’t let me. If you are really curious to learn the words of Cwm Rhymni you could order it by another route (let me know) and give it a listen.

Mind you, it’s probably a different Cwm Rhymni altogether. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t see the song you were looking for but there are a couple more to be found here. :slight_smile: