wendy's fries. It only took 35 years. WTF took them so long?

I have to say, the new Wendy fries are downright good. They make a great alternative to McDonalds, and can be eaten alone or with the meal. This is a vast improvement on Wendy’s previous offering, some of the saddest fries in the fast food industry. My only question

WTF took them so long? Did they have to wait 5 years after Dave died?

Hmm…Wendy’s fries were good for only one thing: Dipping them in a Frostie.

If the new fries aren’t good for that (and McDonald’s fries, for example, aren’t so good in this context) then the world has suffered a loss.

The new fries tend to be a little sturdier than the old ones, in my experience, so they probably hold up better to the Frosty if that’s your thing.

Personally I wanted them a bit limp. Or you run the risk of them breaking off. Limp enough and you can fold them in half, creating a loop that is perfect for conveying an increased amount of Frosty with each fry.

Of course, it is somewhat moot since it has been years since I’ve eaten at a Wendy’s. But still, it is important to me that this experience continue to be possible and and not diminished if I ever return.

I always loved Wendy’s fries. I was dissappointed when I heard they revamped. But I tried them and theyre tasty. I like the sea salt thing…

I liked the old fries better.

Wendy’s fries were always my least favorite of the fast food chains, the only place were I would regularly skip getting fries. And they were always bad for different reasons, which I never understood. Either they were undercooked, overcooked, dry, greasy, too salty, not salty enough. I do like the new ones a lot more, although I would still put them behind McD’s and BK.

Wendy’s fries were always top-notch. I even preferred them to McDonald’s (though not by much). The new version is even better.

Meh. They’re an improvement, but still passable at best.

I haven’t had the new ones, but always like theirs the best of all the fast food joints.

The new ones are excellent.

Whataburger still has the best fries, though.

I liked the old ones better.

I liked the old ones better, too.

I liked the old ones.

I like the new ones, but as I said to a co-worker, they are at least 50% SALT.

Wow, I always thought Wendy’s had the best fries. I hope I don’t hate the new ones.

Old ones were good. New ones are good, too. In fact, I’d probably prefer the new ones except they seem to put much more salt on them now.

And while I can see not liking the old ones, I don’t see how they can be the worst when Burger King fries still exist in this world.

I like McDonald’s and Wendy’s both a lot, with each being favorite depending on my mood or which I was craving. They were both good in different ways.

I’ve only had the new Wendy’s fries once, and I thought they were awful, even worse than BK’s.

Fry quality is irrelevant when the food quality overall has dropped so far into the shitter over the last few years.

I liked Wendy’s old fries, haven’t had a chance to try the new ones. I liked the old ones so much, in fact, that back in the tight-budget college days when the cafeteria was closed on Sunday, my dinner would consist of a Biggie fry and Coke. Money well spent :smiley:

I always liked the old Wendy’s fries, but I will say that they seemed to have the most rapid transition from hot deliciousness to sullen inedibility as they cooled. I would still rate them well above, say, Burger King and Whataburger’s offerings.

The new ones are…not bad, definitely not better than the old, just different. Personally, I find them a bit dry.

Now that I think about it, if one of the major fast-food joints would do crinkle-cuts, they probably would never see the end of me.