Wenlock and Mandeville -- how can I get them?

The Olympics 2012 mascots. I. Must. Have. Them.

The question is, how? Right off the bat, I can’t buy them from the official site as linked, because they don’t ship to the US. :frowning: And the TeamUSA site doesn’t have them at all, just an inbred-looking teddy bear in a hoodie. I could get W&M off eBay, but I already checked, and right now no one’s selling the pair. Just one or the other…for the same price the official site is asking for both.

So what do you recommend? If I wait, are eBay prices likely to go up or down? Or would it be worth it to make arrangements with someone in or near London and send them a money order? Ordering from the official site, including shipping, looks to be about $40 US. How much more would I have to add to cover shipping from the purchaser to me? If I did do it that way.

If you’re struggling PM me and I can order them and ship.

Great! I’ll let you know; thanks!