We're gonna be here a while...

You’re on the Straight Dope Message Board out of Chicago, Illinois tonight.

And that means one thing and one thing alone: throw your hands on the keyboard, find your heart, find your soul, scream as loud as you can and post like your life depends upon it. Because tonight, ladies and gentlemen, your life does depend upon it. Are you with me here?

So at the count of 4 we’re gonna tear into it. At the count of 4 I don’t care what’s bugging you. I don’t care what’s bringing you down. I don’t give a damn about yesterday and I ain’t too worried about tomorrow.

The only thing that matters is right here and right now.






Did ya see Tiger’s putt on 17?

The only thing that’s bothering me is that I’m at work in dreary Michigan today when I could have been sunning myself on a Mexican beach.

I mean really! How often does a cute, single, straight man invite me away for the weekend at no cost to me???

I see. That’s where you’ve been, out flirting with people IRL instead of tending to your virtual hubby.

So I reanted The Maltese Falcon, anyone up for watching Bogart tonight?


Crunchy Frog!!! I just started a post about you. It should be right below this one. Look for “Does anyone know if I’m still married???”

Ah, a man with taste in flicks. Cool, choice, man real cool choice!

Jonathan Chance, you have a wonderful way with words. I write about a character from time to time when whimsey takes me, a night voice like you, seranding the hearts in the dark and the minds beneath the moon, wordcasting out across a future burg that looks just like today’s. Yeah, nostalging me right back to the star streets I know so well …

Yeah. The only thing that matters is right here and now.